ProtonMail: The Email Security You Need With the Features You Want

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ProtonMail: The Email Security You Need With the Features You Want

When it comes to our digital life, security is more vital than ever. You can never be too secure when it comes to hackers, spammers, and security breaches. So you don’t want to take any excessive chances with your email conversations.

ProtonMail provides the protection you need by offering an encrypted email account as well as various security options to keep your communications private. At the same time, you’ll receive the functionality you want in an email service.

Here’s what ProtonMail offers to offer on the web and on mobile devices.

ProtonMail’s Security Features

When discussing security features in an email service, it’s critical to understand what those features are, what they accomplish, and how they may benefit you.

Here’s a rundown of what ProtonMail has to offer in terms of secure email accounts:

  • End-to-end encryption ensures that all communications are encrypted at all times and throughout the sending and receiving processes. ProtonMail stores emails in an encrypted manner and transfers them between its network and your devices in an encrypted format.
  • No access to user data: When you use ProtonMail, your data is protected since it remains with you. The firm cannot decode your data since it utilizes client-side encryption using a key that ProtonMail does not have access to.
  • ProtonMail employs AES, RSA, and OpenPGP secure implementations with open source libraries. Their code has been thoroughly audited by security specialists from across the globe.

It doesn’t stop there. The company also uses:

  • Hardware-based security, including disk encryption and secure data centers.
  • Anonymity ensures that no personally identifying information about you is recorded or monitored.
  • SSL encrypted communications between its network and your devices are made with the help of a Swiss SSL certificate issuer.
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You may learn more about the company’s security measures by visiting the Security section of the ProtonMail website and reading the ProtonMail privacy policy.

ProtonMail Email Features

Now that we’ve discussed how ProtonMail protects your emails and account, let’s have a look at the email service options. You’ll love what ProtonMail can achieve, from the look to email actions to inbox organization.

ProtonMail’s user interface is both easy and appealing, whether you use it on the web or on your mobile device. You get easy folder navigation, quick action buttons for messages, and a quick method to modify the layout.

Folders: Color-coded folders may help you arrange your email for both work and personal purposes. This allows you to transfer emails you want to preserve precisely where you want them.

Tags: To rapidly differentiate specific messages, you may establish tags with names and colors. Furthermore, both the color and the tag name are immediately visible in your message list.

Email signatures: An email signature is especially beneficial for business emails, although it is good for other email formats. You may also generate a signature exclusively for the mobile app with a premium account.

Quick actions: You may also flag or transfer emails, report phishing, mark as spam, inspect the source code or email headers, export, or print a message with a single click.

Standout Email Features

The capabilities listed above are precisely what you need in an email service. However, ProtonMail offers a few unique features that set it apart from the competition.

Create Custom Filters

If you’re concerned about losing email filters while converting from Gmail to ProtonMail, you’ll be relieved to hear that ProtonMail also supports filters. Set up criteria and actions to create custom filters that categorize emails as they come.

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Conditions like as sender, topic, receiver, and attachments are available. You may even add many conditions if you like. Labels may be applied, messages can be moved to a folder, archived, or marked as spam, and messages can be marked as read or starred.

Encrypt Emails

You may use a password and hint to encrypt an email sent to a non-ProtonMail user. When the email is sent to the recipient, they just click the link and input the password to access the message on their browser. The password hint you put up will be included in your recipient’s email.

Even while ProtonMail is already secure, this provides an additional degree of security to communications sent to users who haven’t yet switched to ProtonMail.

Send Self-Destructing Messages

When you create an encrypted email in the manner described above, you may additionally provide an expiry date in weeks, days, and/or hours. When you press the Send button, the timer begins.

When the timer expires, the email is deleted from your Sent folder. Users of ProtonMail will have the mail removed from their inbox. Non-ProtonMail users will see the content of the encrypted email link disappear.

Mobile-Specific Email Features

ProtonMail is available for both free and premium accounts for Android and iOS. Along with the mobile app, you receive the following useful features:

  • Adjust the settings to activate Touch ID or a PIN for app protection. You may also specify an auto-lock timer to lock the app every time you access it, ranging from one minute to one hour.
  • Push alerts: Receive notifications when fresh emails come on your smartphone and even your Apple Watch.
  • Swipe actions: You may send emails to the trash, flag them as spam, archive them, or mark them as unread by swiping left or right.
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ProtonMail Pricing and Availability

ProtonMail is accessible over the web and syncs with Android and iOS applications. And, best of all, it’s completely free, with all of the features you see here.

If you choose for a business account or one of ProtonMail’s subscription plans, you will have access to extra features like as unlimited folders and labels, auto-responders, multi-user support, and more.

ProtonMail for Android | iOS | Web is available for download (Free, subscription available)

Keep Your Emails Safe With ProtonMail

As you can see, ProtonMail not only provides excellent security protections, but also excellent email functions. And, since you can sign up for an account and utilize the service for free, it’s well worth your time to give it a go.

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