Playing Wordle on iPhone or Android? Here’s How to Reset Your Streak

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Playing Wordle on iPhone or Android? Here’s How to Reset Your Streak

Have you recently had a poor Wordle streak? You’re not alone yourself. The word list altered when the New York Times purchased Wordle, and it seems that the words became more difficult. There are some uncommon words in the word list that may cause you to lose after a hot run.

We’ll teach you how to reset your Wordle streak on your phone. After all, Wordle is supposed to be enjoyable, and being disappointed by your recent streak may dampen your enthusiasm. There are several more reasons why someone would desire to restart their streak.

Did You Add Wordle to Your Home Screen? Delete This First

If you want to eliminate your Wordle streak, you must first delete your Home Screen bookmark, if you have one. Hold down the Wordle bookmark and choose Delete Bookmark on iPhone or Remove on Android.

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After that, you may do the following actions to reset your streak and re-add your bookmark.

Clear Your Browser History

Clearing your browser history is the simplest method to restart your Wordle streak. This method works with practically any browser, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This is possible in any app by accessing your history and selecting Delete or Clear.

Clear Your Data in Settings

If your Wordle streak persists, you may need to delete all data from your settings. Clearing your browser history may not always work, according to some users.

Clearing your browser history in Safari is as simple as going to Settings > Safari and selecting Clear History and Website Data. This will completely remove all data from the Safari app. Go to Settings > Apps > Chrome > Manage Space > Clear All Data on Android.

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You may also delete and reinstall any third-party browser you’re using. If your Wordle streak had not already reset, it will now.

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Should You Reset Your Wordle Streak?

Some argue that restarting your Wordle streak is unethical and that you should just accept your score. There is, however, nothing wrong with restarting your Wordle streak. It may also be useful if you want to check whether a fresh technique increases your streak or if you want to try out different starting words.

Whatever your reason for resetting your Wordle streak, it is both attainable and simple.

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