Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

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Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

Nowadays, practically every website requires an email address, but you definitely don’t want to use your genuine email address all the time. Perhaps you don’t trust a website, wish to prevent spam, or need a second account for a service that you currently use.

We’ll show you services that provide temporary email addresses, allowing you to send and receive email without using your actual address. Keep in mind that most of these services do not guarantee any form of protection, since anybody with a username and password may access an email. Furthermore, since many websites ban these names, they may not operate everywhere.

While some disposable email address providers seem to have not updated their website in a decade, offers a clean appearance and a straightforward service. To access a throwaway mailbox, just enter any address ending in (or use a recommended username).

Maildrop deletes all email attachments to defend against malicious communications. Messages must also be under 500KB in size. Each inbox may retain a maximum of ten messages, and any address that is inactive for more than 24 hours is reset.

Finally, Maildrop utilizes strong spam prevention, so even if you input a Maildrop address on a sketchy site, the majority of spam will not make it to your temporary mailbox. You may also use an alias address for your Maildrop inbox to prevent people from opening it in Maildrop yourself.

Overall, Maildrop offers a clear, easy UI for creating a false email address in order to join up for anything. It cannot send email and is not intended for long-term usage, but it is an excellent tool for obtaining a fast confirmation message or similar.

Mailinator is one of the most established disposable email providers. Although its webpage currently offers costly commercial plans, you may still use it for free to access a public temporary mailbox.

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To check a mailbox, just enter a username at the top. When surfing a website, you may make up a name on the fly, and messages will be sent to that Mailinator address without you having to establish it ahead of time.

Mailinator does not allow you to send email, and all messages are deleted after a few hours. It also prevents all attachments in incoming mails from being opened. While Mailinator does not provide much for free and is prohibited on many sites owing to its popularity, it is still worth a go today.

Mailsac offers some basic capabilities for free, but further options are available for a fee if you want a “permanent” throwaway address.

All inboxes, like the ones mentioned above, are public and accessible without logging in. You may also use an alias address to hide your real email address. Emails sent to public inboxes are kept for four days. A free account allows you to save 50 messages in your inbox.

Signing up for a free account unlocks extra features such as the ability to star messages to prevent them from being erased, consolidate several inboxes in one location, and more.

You’ll have to pay if you want to create a big number of outgoing emails, store additional messages, or set up a private inbox that no one else can access.

While opening an account may contradict the principle of obtaining a disposable email address, having a variety of addresses to which you may store emails is beneficial. Use it to test projects, keep track of which websites are spamming you, or just to perform an email prank.

10 Minute Mail is for you if you need an email to sign up for something and then never use it again. This service isn’t sophisticated; when you access it, the site produces a gibberish email address for you (we received At the top-right, you can see how many messages have come in the Inbox area.

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A timer ticks down 10 minutes till your inbox is emptied. If you need additional time, click the Get 10 more minutes option, which you may use as many times as you need.

You can’t return to that temporary inbox if you shut the browser window or let time run out. Because no one else can see the inbox you have open, 10 Minute Mail has a little more security built in. This also implies that you should not use the service as a permanent secondary address.

GuerrillaMail isn’t visually appealing, but it’s a powerhouse for those who utilize temporary email addresses. It gives many domain names (such as and to assist you avoid blocking, and you may change your randomly issued email address at any moment.

Although addresses are permanent, all email is deleted after one hour. GuerillaMail, unlike other services, does not screen incoming messages, therefore you are free to access attachments and read spam messages.

GuerillaMail allows you to send as many messages as you like, including attachments. Emails and attachments may be up to 150MB in size and expire after 24 hours. Because you are unable to sign in, anybody with access to the inbox you have selected may do so.

Blur is a bit more complicated than the other temporary email services mentioned above, but it’s worth a try if you often mask your email address on the internet. Blur is a privacy suite consisting of a password manager, form auto-fill, and email masking.

Blur essentially allows you to hide the information you provide to websites. If you’re signing up for a website and don’t want to provide your email address, selecting Mask my email generates a fictitious email account. When that website sends you an email, Blur relays it to you, keeping the website from learning your true email address.

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Instead of utilizing a temporary service all the time, Blur makes it simple to disguise your address on various websites. If a website exploits your address, just tell Blur to stop forwarding that mail.

If you appreciate what Blur provides for free, you can conceal your credit cards and phone numbers with the Blur Premium service.

Disposable email addresses are a fast and simple option to establish a fresh email address for yourself. Whatever your purpose for needing a throwaway email, one of these services should be ideal for you.

In case you’re not sure which one is best for you:

  • Maildrop and Mailinator are excellent for one-time use, such as confirmation emails.
  • If you don’t mind making an account and want a more “permanent” throwaway address, Mailsac is the best option.
  • Ten Minute Mail offers the maximum privacy (relatively), since no one else can access your current inbox.
  • GuerillaMail allows you to send email without logging in and enables unfiltered access to messages, including attachments.
  • Blur is ideal if you desire complete protection and seldom give out your actual email address.

Email aliases are really useful, therefore don’t forget to utilize them when you don’t trust a website.

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