Microsoft Just Made Its Emoji Open Source

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Microsoft Just Made Its Emoji Open Source

Microsoft Just Made Its Emoji Open Source

It’s certainly not what the open source community expected from Microsoft, but it’s still a good gesture.

How do you feel about your job as an emoji designer? If you believe you can outperform the giant corporations, here is your opportunity; Microsoft has now open sourced all of its emoji, enabling consumers and companies alike to remix them as they see fit.

Microsoft’s Emoji Become Open Source

The Verge first reported the revelation, which included an interview with Jon Friedman, Microsoft’s CVP of design and research. Friedman cites the trend in remote work as the primary reason for making Microsoft’s 3D faces available to anyone:

Because facial expression and body language were detached from our communications, we began to have these other rich dialogues that were nearly as involved as the video chats. Emojis began to play a larger and larger part… and this allowed individuals to feel more comfortable truly responding to things emotively.

Microsoft’s emoji library is fairly big, with over 1,500 emoji available for usage. Unfortunately, you cannot utilize every single emoji included in this release; Microsoft retains the license for any emoji that incorporates their trademark in any form. This includes the Clippy emoji, which may come as a surprise to no one.

If you want to get your emoji on, go over to Figma or GitHub.

A Nice Gesture From Microsoft

Microsoft seldom makes its tools available for others to use as they see fit, so the news that its emoji line has become open source comes as a surprise. And Friedman is correct; the transition to remote work has resulted in an increase in emoji usage as coworkers connect online on a regular basis.

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With this change, individuals and corporations may freely alter and utilize Microsoft’s emoji. It remains to be seen whether or not individuals will take Microsoft up on this offer.

A Thumbs-Up Emoji for Microsoft

It’s great news for individuals who wish to utilize and remix emoji in their work since Microsoft’s emoji range is now accessible to everyone. Who knows, maybe Microsoft’s emoji may become the de facto standard if people use it as freely as they like.

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