Microsoft Is Bringing Clippy Back as an Office Emoji

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Microsoft Is Bringing Clippy Back as an Office Emoji

Some of us never wanted Clippy back on our desktops, but that’s about to change due to Microsoft and loyal Clippy lovers. Fortunately, Clippy will not return as an Office Assistant; instead, it will emerge as the paperclip emoji in Microsoft365.

Clippy Makes Its Return as an Emoji

Microsoft said in a Tweet that if the Tweet receives 20,000 likes, Clippy would be reinstated as an Office emoji. Within a few of hours, the Tweet had surpassed that goal, flying into the hundreds of thousands and beyond.

We were unsure if Microsoft was serious about bringing back Clippy, but it turns out that Microsoft has every intention of doing so.

Clippy’s new emoji form, which replaces the regular paperclip emoji present in Microsoft 365, was announced in a post on the Microsoft Design blog. Clippy, the pleasant, but very aggravating virtual assistant that has plagued Microsoft Office for many years, will finally replace the formerly flat, uninteresting paperclip.

You may now use a Clippy emoji to symbolize a paperclip, whether for sarcasm or to represent a real paperclip. “Sure, we use fewer paper clips now than we did in Clippy’s prime, but we couldn’t resist the sentimental draw,” wrote Claire Anderson, Microsoft’s Art Director.

Microsoft’s Other Emojis Undergo a Redesign

The arrival of Clippy isn’t the only alteration to Microsoft’s emoji repertoire. Microsoft is updating its collection of 1,888 emojis in preparation for World Emoji Day on July 17.

To represent a more whimsical appearance, the updated emojis all have a 3D design with vibrant, rich colors. Microsoft has added five new emojis to the collection, all of which are related to working from home.

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One emoji portrays a person multitasking on their laptop, while another shows a person dancing in a dress shirt and pajama pants. Microsoft also included an emoji of a taped-over camera and an emoji of someone with a muted microphone.

Microsoft Office new emojis
Image Credit: Microsoft

While some of the redesigns are now available in Flipgrid, the rest will be handed out to 365 in the next weeks. The set will not be available on Microsoft Teams or Windows until the end of 2021, with Yammer and Outlook users having to wait until 2022.

Do We Really Need an Emoji for Everything?

If things continue as they are, we won’t even need words to communicate. The Clippy emoji may soon become the worldwide emblem for passive-aggressiveness.

Aside from that, Microsoft’s new emojis are expected to help keep remote employees calm. Working from home may be lonely, but seeing a bright smiling face may bring a human aspect to online chats.

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