Microphone Not Working on Your Android Phone? How to Fix It

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Microphone Not Working on Your Android Phone? How to Fix It

Have you lately had a phone call in which the other party indicated that your voice wasn’t clear? When this occurs, you may attribute it to a faulty connection. However, you might be experiencing microphone troubles on your device.

You may not even be aware of your microphone’s issues; the worst-case situation is a damaged microphone. Let’s look at some of the problems your Android phone’s microphone might experience and how to solve them.

What’s the Cause of Microphone Issues?

So, why and how can microphone issues occur? Your microphone might get distorted for a number of reasons, the most frequent of which is a filthy phone. If you don’t clean your phone on a regular basis, you may be amazed at how much grime accumulates.

Other typical concerns include software upgrades and the installation of third-party apps. These tend to modify or deactivate your microphone without your knowledge. Physical concerns, such as internal malfunctions or broken hardware from misusing your phone, may also cause mic damage.

How Do You Know Your Android Mic Is Faulty?

It’s recommended to test your microphone if you fear it’s damaged or malfunctioning. Here’s how to put your Android microphone to the test.

Voice Record Yourself

The simplest approach to ensure that your microphone is working properly is to record your voice on your phone and listen to the audio. You can quickly determine whether your speech is distorted, which might assist you in determining the issue.

You may utilize the built-in voice recorder on most Android phones. If you don’t already have one, you may download a voice recorder program like ASR Voice Recorder.

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Perform a System Diagnostics Check

If you’re still not sure about your microphone, you may test it using a hardware and system diagnostic tool like Phone Doctor Plus. The software will run different tests and provide you with feedback on the state of your microphone.

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Ways to Fix Your Android Mic Issues

If you’ve determined that your microphone isn’t functioning correctly, you may proceed to repair it. Because there are several reasons why your phone’s microphone may malfunction, let’s go through some possible solutions.

1. Restart and Check for Updates

The simplest approach is not always the best one. Restarting your smartphone refreshes your system by removing any open applications and processes. It might be a fast solution to your situation.

Hold the power button down until a menu displays, then choose Power > Turn off. Turn it off for 30-60 seconds before turning it back on to determine whether the issue has been rectified.

If a fast restart does not work, look for software updates under Settings > System > Advanced > System update or anything similar. A new software update generally addresses any faults or issues in the existing version that may have affected your microphone.

2. Clean Your Phone’s Microphone

If you don’t clean your phone on a regular basis, dirt may accumulate in the little apertures of your device, such as the microphone port. Simply cleaning your phone is insufficient since dust and other tiny material may accumulate.

Your phone’s microphone is a little hole or other port positioned next to the USB connection, generally at the bottom. Use a little pin, fine needle, or equivalent to carefully clean your microphone. The second option is to blow straight at it to eliminate all of the accumulated material. If you do this, be cautious not to blow more air into the phone.

Another thing to look out for when cleaning is your case or screen protector. When you put a new protective item on your phone, it’s possible that it may cover your microphone. Check that no portion of your case is obstructing your mic and that no dust has accumulated within the cracks of your case.

You may modify our cleaning tutorial for your iPhone and follow most of the same procedures to prevent encountering this issue again in the future.

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3. Configure Sound Settings

Noise suppression or noise reduction is a function found on several Android phones. When you’re on a call or shooting a video, noise suppression may assist decrease background noise.

For those who are unaware of this, the consequence might be disorienting, leading you to believe there is something wrong with your microphone. Here’s how to deactivate the option to ensure your microphone is working properly:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Choose between Call Settings and Sound Settings.
  3. Look for and deactivate the Noise Reduction option.
  4. Restart your phone to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Please keep in mind that this function is not available on all Android phones, and it may display in a different position for you.

Aside from that, there’s a possibility you left your phone linked to a Bluetooth headset or another device with a microphone. If this is the case, your phone will utilize it as its main microphone rather than the built-in one.

Check Settings > Connected devices to see what’s presently connected. To resolve your issue, turn off all active Bluetooth devices and retry utilizing the microphone.

4. Check for Third-Party App Interference

Third-party applications are a major source of phone malfunctions. They may mess with your phone’s settings; many individuals encounter abnormalities but dismiss them as mere faults. As a result, applications that may access your microphone may be the source of your present problems.

To check whether your mic troubles are caused by a third-party app, boot your phone into safe mode, which temporarily disables all third-party applications.

When your phone is already in safe mode, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Hold down the Power button on your phone.
  2. Touch and hold the Power off option on your screen.
  3. Safe mode should now appear at the bottom of your screen. Select this to enter safe mode.
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If your phone is off, do the following:

  1. To boot normally, press and hold the Power button on your phone.
  2. When the animation begins, press and hold the volume down button on your phone. Hold it down until the animation stops and your phone enters safe mode.
  3. To confirm, Safe mode will show at the bottom of your screen.

Now that you’re in safe mode, make a test call or check the microphone with your recorder app. If your microphone works properly in safe mode, the problem is with an app. A list of applications that utilize your microphone may be found in the Settings menu.

Navigate to Settings > Apps and notifications > Advanced > Permission management > Microphone.

The cause is most likely sound amplifier or enhancer applications that you have installed. Otherwise, examine the applications you believe are the source, remove their mic access, and then test your microphone to see whether they were the source.

5. Take It to a Technician

If everything else fails, your phone is most likely ruined. Mics are sensitive pieces that may be easily broken by a fall, flood, or other similar harm. In this case, you should take your phone to a professional who can diagnose the problem with your device.

Getting Your Mic to Work Properly

There are many reasons why your phone’s microphone may not be working correctly. If you ever have a problem with your microphone, the procedures outlined above should help you identify and resolve the issue.

Taking proper care of your phone is the greatest approach to prevent problems in the future.

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