Make Private Calls: How to Block Your Number or Caller ID

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Make Private Calls: How to Block Your Number or Caller ID

To disguise your caller ID from whomever you call, use a private or blocked number. There are many advantages to masking a caller ID. Many of the advantages are predicated on the additional degree of anonymity provided by dialing from an unknown number.

With a private phone number, the dangers of giving your number out due to a robocall, for example, are considerably minimized.

This post will show you how to disguise your caller ID from the people you call. Here are some options to consider if you’re attempting to figure out how to block your phone number.

How to Hide Caller ID with Phone Block Code

To mask your phone’s number while making calls, dial a phone block code from it. To conceal caller ID, use the phone block codes shown below:

  • *67 for mobile phones and landlines in North America
  • 141 for UK phones
  • Most North American rotary phones use 1167.
  • #31# for AT&T phones in North America, Canadian phones, and most European and South American phones

Hide Caller ID Using iOS and Android Settings

Complete the following steps to conceal caller ID in the iPhone settings:

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • In the Settings menu, click the Phone button.
  • Toggle the button next to Show My Caller ID.

After you select the option next to “Show My Caller ID,” your caller ID will no longer display while making phone calls from your iPhone.

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Use thefollowing steps to block your number on Android:

  • Launch the Phone app and go to the Menu.
  • Within Settings, go to Call Settings.
  • Press Additional settings
  • Press Caller ID
  • Select Hide number
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Your phone will conceal your number if you choose “Hide number.” By choosing Show number or Network default, you may disable the number privacy function.

By dialing *82, you may avoid the private number filter. Some service providers and users restrict calls from private numbers, so you won’t be able to reach them until you remove your caller ID block.

Asking Your Phone Carrier to Block Your Number

You may contact your phone company for help in making your calls private. Call your phone carrier’s customer or technical support staff for assistance in keeping your calls private. Dial 611 to reach your service provider.

Upon request, your phone company should restrict all outbound calls. You will be able to dial numbers without seeing your callerID when your carrier activates your private number.

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Using a Burner App

A burner software effectively provides you with a second phone number to dial. To make calls, the software requires your internet data. This implies that the burner app’s calls will not display the number you want to remain secret.

Google Voice is regarded as a burner app. When using the Google Voice app, the Google Voice number appears anytime an outgoing call is placed. When you call, a Google Voice number appears instead of your phone number.

When utilizing a burner app, data privacy issues may grow. In certain cases, the data you provide to the app may jeopardize your data privacy rights. It is critical to understand your rights in relation to the app’s data privacy duties to you.

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Differences in Phone Carriers and Hardware

Due to phone carrier and hardware variances, the method for blocking phone numbers is not always the same. Furthermore, blocking your number on a per-call basis may take much longer than you would want. You may circumvent this problem by using a wireless provider.

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