Learn German for Free with 10 Unique Resources

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Learn German for Free with 10 Unique Resources

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No?

Perhaps you should. It’s not as simple as Italian or sarcasm, but it’s also not as difficult as Russian or Arabic. So, if you want to study a foreign language that is closely related to English, German is an ideal alternative.

German, on the other hand, is not seen as a “sexy” language. You can go to Spain (obviously), Cuba, and much of Central and South America if you speak Spanish. English serves as your passport to the rest of the world. The language of love and philosophy is French. The language of romance and Renaissance culture is Italian.

However, unless you like classical music or Goethe or Schiller, you may conclude that learning German is not worth your time. German suffers from its ties to the conflict as well. When most people hear the word “German,” they immediately think of Adolf Hitler. This is really sad and must be changed. You may blame the History Channel’s constant WW2 programs for this.

But I’ve been in Germany for 15 years (and on and off for nearlya decade before that).I can assure you that learning German is a lot of fun. You’d also be endearing yourself to Tina and Danny, our two German residents. And, of course, there’s me, an honorary German.

Why Should I Learn German?

Let’s look at the facts.

95 million people worldwide use German as their first language, and they have a fantastic vocabulary (try saying Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz in German). I’d be quite amazed if you could achieve it!).

Germans are interesting to chat to, and the German film industry has produced several excellent films in recent years (the two finest, in my view, are Der Schuh des Manitu and Traumschiff Surprise). Despite the serious attitude of Germans, films like these indicate that German humour is on the increase.

Then there’s the nation itself (as well as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein). Anyone up for Oktoberfest?

If you can comprehend the original German, German novels and music are equally intriguing. If you can comprehend German, the Brothers Grimm fairy stories and Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” are fantastic.

And German “schlager” music, also known as volksmusik (folk music), is great.

Are you certain that German is the language to study? Here are some free online tools to help you get started.

First and foremost, you will need a really excellent dictionary. Many folks swear by Leo.org (Android iOS), but I’ve always preferred Dict.cc. You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with your old paper dictionaries. They’re OK, but if you have a smartphone, you can download the Dict.cc app (Android iOS) and get your translation questions answered in no time.

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Dict.cc stands notable because it is similar to the “Wikipedia of online dictionaries.” Everyone is invited to contribute vocabulary and to amend existing entries if they believe they are inaccurate. As with ordinary Wikipedia, you can’t depend on a translation completely since anybody may say anything. But everything is controlled, and in all the years I’ve used Dict.cc, their translations have consistently been of exceptional quality. To prevent random trolls, a user must first check one of the current pending translation modifications before submitting a new one.

Other dictionaries / translators to consider are Google Translate (Android iOS), Say Hi (iOS only), and Microsoft Translator (Android iOS), which is surprisingly excellent.

Much has been written about Duolingo, and I am completely smitten with it. I’ve learned more in the last year with Duolingo than I did in the previous 20 years with dry, dull textbooks. Duolingo provides a variety of languages, including German, French, Spanish, and Italian, as well as Russian for those who wish to learn a more difficult language.

Duolingo operates on the flashcard principle. Log in with your Facebook credentials to see your Duolingo friends on the leaderboard with you. As a result, it becomes a race to see who can accumulate the most points in a week. Then you’ll be bombarded with questions that need you to write what you hear, translate what you hear, and translate sentences into the microphone. Questions are frequently asked to test how well you recall.

Duolingo, of course, necessitates the use of a decent microphone.

Memrise is one that I am just now getting used to. It works on the same idea as Duolingo, except instead of flashcards, it teaches you grammar and phrases that you must choose later from a multiple choice quiz.

If anything seems to be difficult, you may instruct Memrise to maintain a note of it so that it can test you on it again later (and you have a record for your own reference).You are continually assessed on words and phrases until it is satisfied you have aced it. You may hear the site speak words and sentences to you, and you can even instruct it to disregard particular words and phrases if you are certain you don’t want to see them again.

What’s hilarious is that Memrise provides both the English translation and the literal translation, which are sometimes contradictory. When you look at the literal translation, you know you can’t translate and speak German literally. Verbs are often placed towards the conclusion of sentences rather than at the beginning. As the old adage goes, “you never know if a German intends to kiss you or kick you until the conclusion of a phrase.”

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The German Professor is intended for both instructors and students of the German language, and it covers a wide range of topics. Whether it’s the top 500 German words, verbs, or even numbers, it’s all there and readily explained. There is a short video portion that might be expanded, as well as a humorous tongue-twisters area with voice assistance.

One disadvantage of The German Professor is that, like real-world academics, she can become a little long-winded when explaining grammatical concerns, and you ultimately tune out. However, this is offset by the sheer volume of material available, such as free German novels to download and where to get German cuisine outside of Germany.

When it comes to studying German, Deutsche Welle is a well-known brand. They are a television broadcaster that also offers German language lessons. RSS and iTunes may be used to subscribe to courses. Each course includes MP3 files and transcripts to help you follow along with the discourse. Of course, there will be lots of workouts. I need to do my schoolwork.

What distinguishes Deutsche Welle from its rivals is that it provides German language training for a variety of native speakers. So German for the French (for example).Or for those who speak Hindi. There are many different nationalities to pick from. Simply go to this page and scroll down to the bottom to view the menu.

Obviously, iTunes University is only available to iOS users. If you have such a device, download the app and search for “learn German” in the search box.

There are several to pick from, and each course includes audio and PDF materials. Some contain video files as well. You may subscribe to get notifications when new changes are made to a course, read feedback from previous users, and get suggestions on what to learn next.

There’s also the extra benefit of having everything on your phone and tablet. So you can brush up on your grammar on the way to work.

The BBC, oh the BBC! Where would language students be if the BBC wasn’t there to help them? However, in terms of German study, the Beeb seems to have walked away and gone on vacation. The German page informs visitors that the “page has been archived and is no longer maintained.”

But I included it since the German section still includes a lot of extremely helpful materials that will be available online in some way or another. Students in the United Kingdom preparing for their GCSE examinations may access study materials online. There is an introduction to German, including a video clip in each part.

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You may begin learning the important words when you need to learn some last-minute German because your employer is sending you on a business trip to Germany. Downloading small MP3 files may also help you learn important words and the alphabet.

When chatting with a German, it is easy to lose the flow of the discussion since Germans talk quickly. That has been my experience. So “Slow German” does exactly what the title suggests, slowing things down so you have a better chance of getting all the words. The content is available on the website and is read aloud via podcast. To obtain the most recent podcasts, subscribe to the RSS feed or follow us on social media.

A simple yet effective notion. I’ve made some excellent improvements thanks to this website.

As I said at the outset, the German film industry has recently produced several excellent films. In my perspective, German television is nothing to write home about, but the movies are excellent. This is where Netflix enters the picture.

A VPN is required to access German Netflix outside of Germany (Virtual Private Network).Netflix is tightening down on proxy servers, but some VPNs have discovered workarounds. Tunnelbear is one of them, and I strongly suggest it.

Once inside, you may simply locate things by looking around. Alternatively, if you use the Chrome browser, you may save a lot of time by installing Super Browse [No Longer Available]. This brings up a drop-down menu with all of Netflix’s categories. Simply begin entering “German” and the category “German Movies” will appear.

YouTube, like Netflix, has a plethora of videos in the German language, not all of which are terrible amateur films. TV program clips, movie trailers, and movie clips themselves are all posted.

As with Netflix, a VPN is required to see the German version of YouTube’s top page. Direct linking to movies, on the other hand, will not need the use of a VPN.

So What Did I Miss, Mein Herr?

The good news is that if you are motivated to learn German, the internet is an excellent school. Whittled.co has an extensive range of German learning tools for students of all levels. But I’m certain there’s space for more.

Do you presently study German? If so, what internet sites did I overlook? In the comments, please teach me a lesson.

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