Latest Google Chrome Update Finally Brings Widgets to Your iPhone and iPad

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Latest Google Chrome Update Finally Brings Widgets to Your iPhone and iPad

Google’s mobile Chrome browser for the iPhone and iPad has finally been upgraded to enable Home screen widgets on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 or later.

Chrome 90 for iOS includes two widgets devoted to Google search capabilities and one that starts Chrome’s built-in Dino game.

  • Quick Actions
  • Search
  • Dino

If you’ve upgraded Chrome to the most recent version available in the App Store, open it at least once to allow the program to register its widgets with the operating system.

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Other changes and new features in this release of Chrome for iOS include support for modifying your stored usernames and passwords in Chrome settings, as well as stability and performance improvements.

To add a Chrome widget, tap and hold an empty area of your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen, then tap the Plus symbol to see your new Chrome widgets displayed there.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each new widget.

Quick Actions is a huge (4×2) widget with a search bar and three buttons down the bottom: Incognito, Voice Search, and QR Code Scanner. The Incognito icon launches Chrome’s private browsing mode, while Voice Search launches the browser’s function that allows you to search the web by voice.

The QR Code Scanner, on the other hand, launches that feature in the Chrome app.

The Search widget occupies less space on your Home screen (2×2) and concentrates on a single function: online searching. Finally, Chrome Dino is a 2×2 widget that launches Chrome’s Dino game if you want to waste a few minutes without installing anything.

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Widgets on iOS 14aren’tinteractive.

You can’t, for example, put a search word into Chrome’s Search widget. When you tap the search box on the widget, you’re directed to Google search in the Chrome app.

This limitation is inherent to all widgets on iOS 14.

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