Is StartMail the Best Private Email Service?

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Is StartMail the Best Private Email Service?

Despite widespread disdain for the medium, email remains one of the most popular methods for individuals and organizations to connect.

However, email is not recognized for its security. Given the quantity of personal data contained in our inboxes, it is astonishing how many individuals utilize unsafe email providers, applications, services, and passwords.

If you want to ensure that your email account is genuinely secure, you might consider signing up for a private email provider. Sure, you’ll have to pay a few dollars each month for your account, but at least you’ll be able to sleep well knowing that your data is protected.

StartMail is one of the greatest private email providers. We’ll go through the service in further detail later, but first, we’d like to introduce you to our offer of the day: a six-month membership to StartMail for just $20. That’s a 33% savings off the typical price of $30.

Keep reading to find out more.

What Is StartMail?

StartMail is a “complete solution for preserving your email privacy,” with a slew of features that set it apart in terms of security and compliance.

StartPage, created by the creators of StartPage (one of the most private online search engines), combines cutting-edge security and technology to keep your data secure.

For example, all of your communications may be encrypted with a single click. That is, even if the recipient of your message does not utilize an encrypted service, you may still transmit password-protected communications.

You also receive 10GB of storage in a personal vault, limitless aliases (for times you don’t want to expose your genuine address, such as when filling out online forms), and full compliance with the EU’s GDPR privacy requirements.

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StartMail supports IMAP/SMTP, allowing it to be used with programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail, and it allows you to host the server on your own domains and subdomains for professional and secure bespoke email addresses.

What’s in the StartPage Deal?

If you purchase the StartPage offer now, you will get six months of platform access for $20 instead of $30. To log in, make sure you’re using the most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

All future upgrades are included, and you may use the program on an unlimited number of devices.

To take advantage of this one-time offer, click the link, add the product to your cart, and check out. The discount will be applied automatically.

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