Instagram Lagging? 4 Ways to Fix It on Android and iOS Devices

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Instagram Lagging? 4 Ways to Fix It on Android and iOS Devices

Have you ever experienced Instagram lag when browsing? Despite the fact that current smartphones have powerful CPUs and high refresh rate displays, applications might still lag owing to their high resource needs. If your Instagram app is slow, whether you have an iPhone or an Android, try some of these alternatives.

1. Force Stop and Restart Instagram

Sometimes the simplest answers are the most effective. When attempting to load a photo or video, the program may sometimes crash. Exit the app and force it to stop. Force halting terminates all processes. To force an app to cease, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Choose Apps & Notifications > View all X applications.
  3. Scroll down to Instagram.
  4. Select Force Stop.

You can forcibly shut an app on an iPhone by using the App Switcher. To open the App Switcher, swipe from the bottom to the centre of your screen and hold. Then, swipe up to dismiss the Instagram app preview. If this fails, try resetting your phone. If restarting has no impact, we’ll go to the next option.

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2. Clear Instagram Cache and Storage

The next step is to try cleaning the cache and storage of the Instagram app. The cache is data that is stored to help your program operate faster. Clearing it has no negative consequences, however it will cause your program to perform slower. Your cache might get damaged at times, or it can create problems owing to corrupted data. Follow the instructions below to clear your cache.

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Choose Apps & Notifications > View all X applications.
  3. Scroll down to Instagram.
  4. Select Storage & cache.
  5. Select Clear Cache.
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If this doesn’t work, try emptying Instagram’s data. Unlike the cache, this will delete all of your Instagram data and restart the program from scratch. You don’t need to be concerned since Instagram still keeps all of your info online. To clear your data, repeat the previous steps, but this time pick Clear Storage from the Storage & cache tab.

When you’re finished, restart your phone before reopening the app. This aids in the elimination of any ongoing processes that may be harming the app’s performance.

Unlike Android, iOS does not have a similar method for clearing app cache and data. You may, however, remove Instagram’s search history to see if it resolves the problem. To accomplish this, go to Settings > Security > Clear Search History inside the Instagram app.

3. Update the Instagram App

Not every mistake is your fault. The issue does not have to be caused by your phone or anything you did. There is a potential that the latency is caused by an Instagram problem. Whether it’s a server problem or an issue with the app, you should look for any recent news.

Check your app store to see if there is a new version for the app. Submit a bug report detailing your experience and wait for a new version to resolve the problem. It’s important to realize that you’re never the only one coping with a situation.

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4. Ensure You Have Sufficient RAM

In 2021, RAM will be critical for every smartphone. Apps become much more easy and fun to use as they get bigger and more complicated, but the tradeoff is that they use a lot of resources. RAM is one of these resources.

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RAM is a form of memory that stores all of the applications you’ve accessed since turning on your phone. It enables you to return to an app and resume where you left off. When it comes to heavier programs, such as Instagram, they tend to need a significant amount of RAM to store themselves. As a result, if you just have a limited amount of RAM, you may have speed concerns. Instagram Lite is an excellent choice for people whose handsets are either old or insufficiently capable.

Be Prepared for the Future of Instagram

Apps will only get more powerful in the future. When choosing a smartphone, it is critical to establish your priorities. There is no need to get the most recent, high-end smartphones, but you should think about the future and how you want to use your smartphone.

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