Instagram: #Hashtag Emojis and Better Search Capabilities

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Instagram: #Hashtag Emojis and Better Search Capabilities

Instagram recently revealed that emoticons – those photos of people happy, crying, or laughing — are now searchable, enabling even more individuals and photographs to be found.

This is exciting news for all Instagram users, even us newcomers. Not only will you be able to tag or search for your favorite emoticon, but Instagram is also taking notice of the usage of emojis — and their growing popularity as a language among Instagram users. Those times when you don’t know what to say but can express yourself better with a smiling face or a thumbs up are no longer taken for granted.

“It is a rare pleasure to witness the emergence of a new language. Emoji[s] are quickly becoming a genuine and almost universal means of communication in all languages.” ― Instagram software engineer Thomas Dimson

So, What Does This all Mean?

It makes your thumbs up or happy faces visible in the hashtag or persons search boxes, which should lead to more interactions – yet another method to earn a lot of likes and follows. As Instagram claimed that more than 40% of text comments feature emoji, the rising trend in emoji usage should give another avenue for getting your photos and biographies seen.

Furthermore, with Instagram enabling emojis to be tagged, emoji use will definitely rise, which should lead to a better collective knowledge and meaning of each emoji. Wherever, the meaning of these symbols is entirely up to you; you will surely employ emoticons anywhere or however you see suitable.

The high-five emoji, for example, is meant to convey congratulations or a job well done. However, a search of the high-five emoji on Instagram finds that the mark may also signify “hands in prayer,” which has been used in #PrayforNepal images.

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Speaking of Interactions

The emoji not only aid with conversations, but they may also enhance your ranking within the Instagram community. More significantly, Instagram has said that they aim to “be the world’s real-time perspective.” What exactly does this mean?

This implies that Instagram co-founder Mike Kreiger wants to “make news discoverable, to make what’s going on in the globe accessible,” according to him. Instead of only seeing a few photographs of your friends on Instagram, Mike Kreiger wants you to be able to find or search for interesting material based on any given topic – a big aim from where they began just years ago.

Expanding On the Explorer Tab

Instagram modified its explorer tab last year so that users could discover photographs that weren’t simply from their pals. This modification made it easier for Instagram users to find more of the 70 million photographs published to the app each day, which Kreiger acknowledged was an issue. He said, “On any given day, you’re likely to view about 100 photographs on your feed. It’s really rather difficult to find the remainder of them.”

However, in an interview with WIRED’s Jessi Hempel, he said that his team is working on a search engine to improve content visibility. He wants you to be able to see what’s going on in the globe, which means seeing Instagram in a whole new light.

“Consider the Mona Lisa, for example. What would the nudity detector discover if it examined it? The solution is a stunning blonde lady in a black gown taking a selfie.” Instagram co-founder Mike Kreiger

How have you made use of #emojis? What are your thoughts on Instagram and their new venture?

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