Howjsay & 6 Pronunciation Dictionaries to Improve Your Spoken English

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Howjsay & 6 Pronunciation Dictionaries to Improve Your Spoken English

The English language has always been a linguistic sponge. This year alone, the Oxford English Dictionary added 1400 new terms. Among them are “Jedi mind trick” and “abugida.” Their verbal pronunciations accompany their meanings. Hopefully, saying “Jedi” isn’t too difficult. But what about the galaxy’s “Padawan”?

Pronunciations include nuance. The tone of your voice might be the difference between seduction and mockery. But don’t worry, since these online pronunciation dictionaries will assist you in hearing the correct pronunciations of tough words. And assist you in becoming proficient in English.

A new function has been added to Google Search. It teaches you how to pronounce words visually. There is no name for it yet, although Google’s suggestion of “pictures in the dictionary” seems appropriate.

The search box’s pronunciation feature combines machine learning and voice recognition technologies. When you search a word, it will provide a graphic that will help you better comprehend the term.

This functionality is now available in American English, with Spanish to come shortly.

Google’s pronunciation assistance does not end there. It has also released a new function in Google Maps that allows you to hear the right pronunciation of towns and cities even if you do not understand the language. This may be a very useful tool for getting better instructions in other countries.

For more than a decade, the Howjsay pronunciation dictionary has helped us improve our spoken English via advertising. Enter any English word (or phrase) and hear how it should be pronounced.

Each word in their database is pre-recorded personally, and no synthetic voice is utilized.

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Both American and British pronunciations are supported by Howjsay. If you input a word incorrectly, Howjsay suggests alternate words with comparable letters. It suggests comparable terms for each word.

Simply click on any of them to hear how they are pronounced. You may enter one or more items separated by semi-colons (for example, cat; cut; cart), which is useful if you want to compare the pronunciation of numerous related terms.

Do you want to take Howjsay with you? There is also an app available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Download: Howjsay for Android | iOS ($2.99), one of the major online dictionaries, is a word lover’s heaven. The site welcomes you with a ticker strip of global word trends. There are many colloquial terms and slangs that you may not be aware of.

You’ll find everything from pop culture to idioms, grammatical tips, and word games. Every unknown term is accompanied with a pronunciation guide.

Search the web for any pronunciation you need. The dictionary is biased toward American English, while Lexico is biased toward UK English and World English. Everything After Z should be bookmarked right now by logophiles.

The apps for Android and iOS are well-recommended downloads. for Android | for iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

According to Forvo, it is the world’s biggest pronunciation dictionary. Because the pronunciation guide is crowdsourced, this might be genuine. Once you’ve registered, you may add your own spoken words.

Enter your word here. Examine both the British and American pronunciations. Then you may hear how their translations are delivered in other languages throughout the globe.

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Native speakers from all around the globe have contributed to a database of approximately 6 million words uttered in over 390 languages. Esperanto and Klingon are among the languages on the list!

Forvo accepts all types of words, including expletives. They must, however, be properly spoken and actual dictionary terms. Forvo also contains common phrase pronunciation, which is useful for any language student.

Forvo is now available as an iPhone app that you can take with you on your trips.

Download: Forvo for iOS ($2.99)

PronounceItRight does things differently. Rather than diving into the English language, it takes on difficult to pronounce words from the world of news and global communications.

For instance, you might be searching for a way to get “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad” right. Or, learn how not to embarrass yourself with a mispronounced “bruschetta”.

PronounceItRight is a simple website started by a journalist and a professional translator. It’s worth a bookmark just for the collection of its pronunciations across categories like brands, cartoons, fashion, celebrity names, and more.

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Names like Jim, John, and Jane are still common. But what about “Dylan” or “Genevieve”? Which syllable or vowel do you stress on? is not a pronunciation site, but a database of names.

Each name links to incredible facts and statistics on it. You may learn about the popularity of your name as well as its meaning.

You may use it to name the newest member of your family or to pronounce a name that you are unsure about. Such like Dylan or Genevieve. And, while you’re doing it, why not record your own pronunciation using your computer’s microphone?

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After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. You may not think of it as a “search engine” in the traditional sense, or even a pronunciation dictionary, but the gems it can access are undeniable.

Look for phrases like “How do you speak [word]” or “How do you pronounce [word]” to get pronunciations.

You’re certain to receive a few video hits that explain how to speak the term correctly. This strategy is also useful for comprehending the term with the help of relevant YouTube videos.

Vocabulary is just one of the fascinating things you may learn on YouTube in as little as five minutes every day.

Pronunciations Create the First Impression

Because the same words may be uttered with two distinct pronunciations, English can be a challenging language to learn. This is important in global communications. However, with sufficient effort and familiarity, you can master it.

With a click on the audio button, these pronunciation guidelines go a long way toward making things simpler. Audio pronunciations are available for the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), Cambridge Dictionary, and Macmillan.

Refer to them for the most recent terms as well. Pair them with any of the English grammar applications we’ve already discussed for improved fluency.

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