How to Whitelist Email Addresses in

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How to Whitelist Email Addresses in

If you’re using and aren’t receiving emails from certain contacts, you may need to whitelist them. This is how.

If you use and regularly miss emails from trustworthy senders because they land up in your trash folder, there is a simple method for whitelisting trusted contacts.

To whitelist, or designate senders as safe, so that their emails always arrive in your inbox, click the settings button in the upper right-hand corner and choose Options.


Next, click on the Safe and blocked senders link.


This will bring up a menu with three choices, two of which are for adding people to your safe senders list. Individual email addresses may be whitelisted by clicking theSafe senders link, or mailing lists to which you are enrolled can be whitelisted by clicking theSafe mailing lists link.


You may whitelist individual emails or whole domains using the Safe senders option by adding them to your list through the given interface. You would also click here to delete email addresses or domains from your Safe senders list.

For mailing lists such as Yahoo Groups or Google Groups, the address in the ‘To:’ box may vary from your real email address. To ensure that these emails do not land up in your trash bin, go to the Safe mailing lists page and whitelist the address that appears in your “To:” column.

Do you have any tips or strategies for not missing critical emails? Tell us in the comments.

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