How to Watch “Power On,” Microsoft’s Free Xbox Documentary Series

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How to Watch “Power On,” Microsoft’s Free Xbox Documentary Series

Gather your gaming buddies because Xbox is releasing its origin narrative, Power On: The Story of Xbox, this Christmas.

Since its first release in 2001, Xbox has been a fixture in many homes across the globe. As part of its 20th anniversary festivities, Microsoft has created a docuseries that you can watch for free.

Here’s what it’s about and how you can watch it right now.

What Is Power On?

Power On: The Story of Xbox is a six-part docuseries that will premiere on December 13, 2021, and will cover the various chapters of Xbox’s journey, including its difficult beginnings, designing its first prototype, the launch of Halo, its failed acquisition of Nintendo, and even the highly publicized Red Ring of Death.

While it’s tempting to imagine that this series is solely for gamers, there are lots of other aspects that make it worth watching even if you don’t possess an Xbox.

Power On is a series about a group of enthusiastic people who had an idea and did whatever it needed to make it a reality. From its founders disrupting meetings to the individuals who transformed it into a worldwide phenomenon, many of them are telling their incredible tale for the first time in history.

Where Can You Watch Power On?

If you’ve already seen the Xbox Anniversary Celebration and want to see Power On next, it’s available on Microsoft Movies & TV, YouTube, Redbox, and other platforms. Furthermore, Power On is accessible in 30 languages, so you may not require subtitles.

Microsoft will also distribute high-quality prints of each chapter on the Xbox Gear Shop to coincide with each release. So, if you’re a Microsoft lover, don’t pass this up for your collection.

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Learn All About Xbox

There is no lack of alternatives on the market for gaming consoles. However, every device has a backstory, and if you’re an Xbox fan, this one could hit close to home.

So, if you want to experience two decades of gaming nostalgia, Power On could be exactly what you need to settle down and binge-watch an excellent documentary.

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