How to Watch Free Live TV Channels on Plex

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How to Watch Free Live TV Channels on Plex

In July 2020, Plex introduced a new feature—-live TV streaming via the web.

Previously, the only way to watch live TV in Plex was to buy a tuner and antenna. That was both costly and complicated for non-tech-savvy users. The Live TV feature removes that barrier to entry.

However, how do you utilize Plex Live TV? What are the accessible channels? And how does it integrate within the Plex ecosystem as a whole? Continue reading to find out more.

Who Can Use Plex Live TV?

Anyone with a Plex account may view the free live TV channels; a Plex Pass is not required to utilize the service.

There are no geographical limits on the service, so you may start streaming from anywhere in the globe.

What Do You Need to Start Watching Plex Live TV?

Plex’s free live TV channels are an IPTV service, so you may watch them from any Plex app that has an active internet connection. There is no extra hardware needed.

This means you may watch on any device that supports Plex, including your desktop, laptop, mobile device, smart TV, streaming box, or any other device that supports Plex.

You don’t even need a Plex Media Server to view the material; merely downloading the Plex Media Player app would suffice.

What Channels Are Available on Plex Live TV?

Channel availability may vary depending on where you are in the globe, as with many other streaming services.

According to Plex’s own documentation, more than 80% of the service’s channels are accessible internationally, with “a handful of channels licensed solely in the United States.”

Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Fubo Sports Network, KidsFlix, EDGE Sport, IGN TV, BAMBU, and Docurama are among the channels accessible.

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Plex will introduce a slew of Spanish-language channels in September 2020. Latido Music, Sony Novellas, Sony Comedias, and more titles are among them.

Plex has said that additional channels would be introduced to the service in the future years. More than 200 free channels are currently accessible in the United States.

How to Use Plex Live TV

The live TV option will appear in the sidebar of your Plex client by default. To utilize the function, just choose it from the menu.

The electronic program guide (EPG) will load once you click. Scroll through the EPG to discover what’s now on the air.

When you click on a program, you may see some information about the content. When you’ve discovered anything you want to watch, click Watch Now in the information box or the Play symbol superimposed on the channel’s thumbnail to begin viewing.

Other Plex Live TV Features

Plex Live TV has a few features that enhance the user experience.

The ability to choose between all channels and HD channels is maybe the most handy. If you’re serious about utilizing Plex TV as a cable replacement, you’ll probably want HD content more frequently than not.

You may switch between the choices by selecting All Channels from the drop-down menu above the EPG.

You may also use the EPG to check what’s coming up in the next days. There are seven days of forward data available. To rapidly switch between days, click Today at the top of the page and make your decision.

Finally, keep in mind that you can add the Plex Live TV menu option to your Plex favorites by clicking on the three vertical dots next to the menu item and choosing Pin.

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How to Personalize Plex Live TV

Plex Live TV has an unusually large amount of customizing options.

Most notably, you may hide and rearrange any channel in the EPG. This means you can conceal all the programming you know you’ll never view, making the EPG more focused and simpler to explore.

You can also choose whether to show the last three channels you visited at the top of the guide so you can easily return to them.

You may also hide certain channels from kid accounts, however Plex notes that for the time being, children can still modify the guide to make channels available. At the time of writing, no channel lock functionality had been implemented.

Many free live TV providers do not provide these sorts of customizing possibilities. Often, providers try to throw as many channels at you as possible in order to milk every last drop of ad income and affiliate money out of you. Plex’s provision of customisation options distinguishes it.

To make the modifications, open the EPG and choose the three dots in the upper left corner.

Does Plex Live TV Have Any Restrictions?

Unfortunately, while the service is free and is based on agreements with major TV networks in a certain nation, it does have some limitations that you should be aware of.

To begin with, you cannot stop or rewind live TV stations. You’ll simply have to accept it if you miss the opening of a movie or a sporting event.

Second, there is no DVR capability. This is in contrast to Plex’s support for OTA channels, which allows you to record them using the Plex app.

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Is this a reasonable trade-off considering the quantity of free stuff available? We believe so, but you must decide for yourself.

Removing Plex Live TV

If you’ve tried the Plex Live TV service and decided it’s not for you, you may remove it from your Plex account altogether.

You will be unable to access the service from your Plex Media Server or any Plex Media Player applications linked to your account if you do so.

To deactivate Plex Live TV, launch Plex in a browser, go to Account > Account > Online Media Sources, and choose Disabled for the Live TV option. You may alternatively choose Disabled for Managed Users, which would allow the account administrator to view the Live TV function but prevent managed accounts (such as children) from using it.

What Other Free Streaming Is Available on Plex?

Even if you don’t have any locally stored material to add to the software, Plex has three native methods to access free content.

Aside from live TV, you may also use an antenna to stream TV and access a vast video-on-demand library. So, what are you holding out for?

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