How to View and Delete Your Location History in Google Maps

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How to View and Delete Your Location History in Google Maps

It’s startling to realize how much location data we’re willingly giving with Google. Google’s Timeline feature makes it simple to view all of this data at a glance. You can view your Google Maps location history in Timeline, along with extra information such as how you got there and how much time you spent there.

Google Maps, thankfully, enables you to off location-saving capabilities, remove your location history, and even get a backup of all your Maps data. We’ll demonstrate how.

How to See Your Saved Location Data in Google Maps

You can see where you’ve been on Maps thanks to Google’s Timeline feature. Google Maps Timeline is available on a variety of platforms, including specialized applications for Android and iOS, as well as directly in your browser. We’ll teach you how to check your Google Maps location history on mobile and the web.

How to See Your Google Map Location History on the Web

To view all of your saved Google travels on a map imported from your phone, go to and choose Timeline. While signed in, pick Your Timeline from the Menu button (three horizontal lines). You may also view your timeline directly by visiting

Google Maps will display the number of locations you’ve visited in the past. The most recent journey will be shown next to the total number of trips, and you may see more by clicking More Trips. Using the date filter at the top, you can drill down to examine the number of travels in a certain day or time.

Selecting your total number of travels will display all of the destinations you’ve been, as well as the most popular. Each location also provides information on when you last visited that spot. When you click on a date at the top, it will display your stored excursions and destinations for that day.

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When you click on a particular journey, you’ll get a lot more information, such as the method of transportation and the trip’s distance and length. Maps will also display you other information such as your arrival and departure times, as well as the total distance traveled during the day.

How to See Your Google Map Location History on Mobile

We’ll utilize the Google Maps app for Android and iOS. To access your location history, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Maps and choose your profile symbol or photo in the upper right corner.
  2. Then, hit Your Timeline and wait a few seconds for it to load.
  3. When you go to the next page, go to the relevant tabs to see your excursions, destinations, cities, and countries.

As long as your location history is enabled, Google Maps will automatically add locations to your account.

How to Delete Your Location History in Google Maps

If you’re concerned about the quantity of information Google has on you, you may erase location data from Google Maps. It is, however, critical that you first obtain a duplicate of all your location data. You may download all of your Google Maps data by completing the following:

  1. Open Google Maps and choose your profile photo or symbol in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Your data in Maps.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Download your Maps data. This will launch Google Takeout in your preferred browser.
  4. Tap Next step after selecting the data you wish to download.
  5. Then, choose how you want to obtain a copy of your data. You may first alter your export frequency, file type, and size, or just hit Create export if you’re OK with the default choices.
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The export procedure might take a few minutes, hours, or even days. When you’re finished, Google will send you an email. Tap Download your files from the email and store them offline. Remember that the data will be accessible for download for seven days after it is exported.

After that, turning off your location history is a straightforward one or two-step process:

  1. Navigate to Google Activity Controls.
  2. Toggle the Location History function off.
  3. Scroll down and click the Pause button in the window that appears.

Wipe Your Location Data

Do the following if you wish to delete the location information kept in Google Maps.

In the Google Maps app on Android or iOS:

  1. Open Google Maps and choose your profile photo or symbol in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Your Timeline and then any tab other than Day.
  3. Then, at the upper right, hit the three-dot menu and choose Settings and privacy.
  4. Scroll down to Location settings and click the Delete all Location History button.
  5. Tick the checkbox in the pop-up window and then press the Delete button.

Google Maps also provides two more choices for removing location information on mobile (Remove Location History for a Range of Days and Automatically delete the history after a Set Period), which you may use if they meet your requirements.

You can also delete your location history on the web:

  1. Visit for more information.
  2. Select Delete all Location History from the Settings menu at the bottom of the map.
  3. Select Delete Location History after checking the confirmation box.
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You may erase particular trips or days if you don’t want to delete your whole location history. Select a day from the date picker in the upper left, then click the trash symbol. If you value your privacy, deleting your history is insufficient. There are other methods to safeguard your privacy with Google Maps.

Also, if you’re concerned about how much information you’re giving Google, there are lots of Google Maps alternatives to consider.

Check Your Google Location History and Wipe It Out

Every day, Google Maps records your whereabouts. The software allows you to see your location data, which is a plus. Google Maps also enables you to remove your location history for privacy reasons by following the methods outlined above. You may also disable the Location History function to prevent the app from storing your whereabouts in the first place.

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