How to Use the “Your Library” Feature in Spotify

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How to Use the “Your Library” Feature in Spotify

As a Spotify subscriber, you may choose to listen to music via playlists. However, don’t forget Spotify’s handy Your Library function, which makes managing your personal music library much simpler.

Let’s go through how Your Library works, what it’s for, and how you can get the most out of it.

What Is Your Library in Spotify?

Spotify’s Your Library feature enables you to keep artists, albums, songs, playlists, and podcasts all in one location. You can save anything to your collection by using the “save” buttons scattered throughout the UI.

Consider Your Library to be a virtual music library. Instead of having to look for an album every time you want to listen to it or remember that cool musician you discovered last month, you can just grab it from your own collection, just as you would a vinyl record or CD off the shelf. It makes navigating around Spotify a lot easier.

The Problem That Your Library Solved

If you haven’t used Spotify from its start, you may not realize why Your Library was such a useful tool when it first debuted in 2014. In its early days, Spotify was not meant to be a substitute for your own local music library, as it is now. Instead, it was more concerned with making playlists from its massive music catalog.

While playlists are fantastic, Spotify lacked a solution for making it simple to keep track of your favorite albums or artists. You had to make a new playlist for each record you wanted to store for rapid listening, which got laborious. Because playlists could not auto-sort, you had to manually arrange them into folders in alphabetical, chronological, or any other order you desired.

Spotify’s introduction of Your Library made it simple to select a smaller collection of your favorite songs. Scanning your favorite 50 albums is significantly less intimidating than selecting anything to listen to from the platform’s millions of artists.

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Whether you use Your Music to shuffle a long list of songs, browse your stored albums, or hop to a favorite artist, it’s an important element of the Spotify experience that you should take use of.

How to Save Music to Your Library on Spotify

The method for storing each item type in Spotify differs somewhat. Instructions for all of them are provided below.

How to Save Songs on Spotify

To save a song to your Spotify collection, click the heart symbol next to it.

When you hover over a song’s entry on an artist page, album, or playlist, you’ll see this to the left of the timestamp. In addition, in the Now Playing menu in the bottom-left corner of the screen, a heart displays to the right of the current track.

To save many songs at once, select all of the entries in the current album or playlist by pressing Ctrl + A (Windows) or Cmd + A (Mac). Then, right-click and choose Save to Liked Songs to “heart” all of them at once. Other Spotify keyboard shortcuts, such as holding Ctrl, may be used to pick several tracks without capturing them all.

If you later decide you don’t like a song, click the filled-in heart to delete it from your collection. You may combine the preceding method with this to remove many in one go.

How to Save an Album on Spotify

To save an album to your collection, open its album page. You can do this by searching for the album, selecting it from an artist’s page, or clicking the name of an album in a playlist.

When you’re on an album’s page, click the heart symbol at the top, near to the Play button. This will add the album to your collection.

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It’s worth noting that adding an album to Your Library does not automatically like all of the songs on it, so you’ll need to repeat the process if you want to save all or part of the songs from it.

How to Follow Artists on Spotify

Spotify requires you to “follow” musicians rather than “saving” them to your library. To follow an artist, go to their page by searching for them or clicking on their name in a playlist’s Artist column. Then, towards the top of the page, click the Follow button.

This not only adds the artist to your library, but it also informs Spotify that you are interested in their work. Spotify will therefore feature their most recent titles in your Release Radar playlist and on the app’s Home page.

How to Save Playlists to Your Library on Spotify

Spotify enables you to store public playlists produced by other people to your library in addition to your own. This is just one method for getting more out of Spotify playlists.

To store a playlist, click the heart symbol at the top, just like you would to save an album. This will add the playlist to the desktop app’s left sidebar, as well as the tab indicated above.

How to Save Podcasts to Your Library on Spotify

While Spotify’s aggressive playlist promotion irritates some users, you may save them to your library in the same way you store other material if you use Spotify for podcasts.

Search for a podcast to store it. To add it to your library, click the Follow icon on its home page. You may also bookmark a podcast episode by clicking the Plus button.

Managing Your Library in Spotify

After you’ve saved everything you like in Spotify, go to the Your Library option on the left side to view it all in one location. To see your stored Playlists, Podcasts, Artists, and Albums, use the tabs at the top.

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For each one, you may filter by several criteria, such as Recently added and Alphabetical, using the dropdown menu at the top-right. Then you may click anything to get directly to it. You may also search inside your library by clicking the Search button adjacent to this dropdown box.

Liked Songs are kept in a distinct area on Spotify’s left sidebar. You may sort it by Title, Album, Date Added, and other fields, just like any other playlist.

Your Library functions similarly on Spotify’s mobile app. After pressing the bottom tab, utilize the top filters to reveal just Playlists, Artists, or Albums. The arrows on the left side may be used to modify the sorting, while the icon on the right toggles between icons and a list view.

A Downloaded filter is exclusive to the Spotify Premium mobile app and is useful for ensuring that you have your favorite music downloaded before a flight or similar.

Your Library Is Your Spotify Music Home

You now understand the purpose of Your Library and how to store songs from Spotify. If you use it correctly, you’ll have a worthy alternative for the desktop music organizers of yesteryear. Scrolling through your stored albums and organizing your favorite music is much more convenient than creating endless playlists and constantly searching.

Meanwhile, everyone who depends on Spotify for music should take the effort to ensure that it sounds as nice as possible.

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