How to Use the Wishlist Feature on the PlayStation Store’s Web Browser

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How to Use the Wishlist Feature on the PlayStation Store’s Web Browser

Assume you’re browsing the PlayStation Store and stumble across an intriguing game that you want to remember or revisit when a deal occurs.

Now, you can easily keep track of all your games-to-buy by adding them to your wishlist—a feature that Sony bizarrely removed and then re-added.

Here’s how you can keep track of the games you want to play, and snap them up once they’re on sale.

How to Add Games to Your PlayStation Store Wishlist

Adding a game to your PlayStation Store wishlist is simple:

  1. Make sure you’re signed into your PlayStation Account on your web browser.
  2. Navigate to the game’s PlayStation Store page.
  3. Next to Add to Cart, click the heart symbol.

You should then receive a message saying “Added to Wishlist”.

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How to View Your Wishlist on the PlayStation Store

It’s great to check your wishlist from time to time, especially to see if any of the games are on sale.

To view your wishlist, click the heart iconin the top-right of your screen beside your PS Avatar.

You can also head to your wishlist via a game’s page. Just click on the word wishlist when you add and remove games using the heart icon.

You can also view your wishlist via the PlayStation App on your phone, which will sync up with the web version. Just head to the PS Store section and tap the heart icon.

You may manage your alerts on the PlayStation mobile app to guarantee you receive reminders of what’s on your wishlist if you want to check whether any of the titles on your wishlist are on sale using your phone.

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How to Remove Games From Your PlayStation Store Wishlist

To remove a game from your wishlist, deselect the same heart symbol that you used to add it. You should get a notice that says “Removed from your Wishlist.”

To remove a game from your wishlist without going to its page, click the three dots on the far right of the game’s purchase screen, then select Remove.

Keep Some of Sony’s Best Games on Your Wishlist

Adding titles to your wishlist is a terrific way to keep track of what games you want to acquire next, as well as what games to keep an eye out for when one of Sony’s bountiful deals occurs.

There’s always that one game you keep meaning to play but never do. Perhaps it’s one of Sony’s exceptional exclusives. You can keep track of everything in one spot if you have that game on your wishlist.

Now, get adding some games!

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