How to Use the Snapchat Map AKA Snap Map

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How to Use the Snapchat Map AKA Snap Map

If you use Snapchat, you’ve probably spotted the Snapchat Map, also known as the Snap Map. However, if you haven’t used it yet, you may be wondering what it is and how it works.

Fortunately, the Snap Map is rather basic and easy to use. And in this post, we’ll teach you how to utilize the Snapchat Map to get the most out of this entertaining Snapchat feature.

What Is the Snapchat Map?

The Snapchat Map is a visual representation of users uploading content to the “Our Stories” section of Snapchat. Our Stories is one shared Story that everyone on Snapchat can use collectively. If the word “Story” is drawing a blank for you, you should read up on how to use Snapchat to get an idea on how Stories work.

Snapchat Map collates all of the Snaps posted within Our Stories. It then notes the location they were recorded and pins the Story onto a map. The result is a world map with Stories dotted around it. Users can click on these Story hubs to see videos and pictures taken in that area.

How to Open the Snapchat Map

If you want to see what your fellow Snapchat users are doing in your local area, you need to know how to see the Shapchat map. You can view the Snapchat Map either via the app or the map’s webpage.

How to Open the Snapchat Map on the Snapchat App

First, make sure you’re in camera mode within Snapchat. You’ll know you’re in it if you’re currently looking at a feed from one of your phone’s cameras. If you’re not in camera mode, tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to activate it.

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Once you’re in camera mode, swipe your finger down the screen. The Snapchat Map will slide down and ask you for your location details. This information is needed to use the Snapchat Map, so tap Allow if you don’t mind sharing your location.

When you agree, you’ll see a globe map with your current position pinned to it. To zoom in on your immediate surroundings, tap the GPS crosshair symbol at the bottom right.

How to Open the Snapchat Map in Your Browser

If you don’t have the app, you may access the Snapchat Map in a web browser by going to It will request your location, but you may decline and use the search on the left to locate Stories in your region without being tracked.

How to Use the Snapchat Map

When you open the Snapchat Map, you’ll find heatmaps in select regions. These heatmaps show the number of Snaps in that location. The more “heat” there is, the more Snaps there are. A very hot spot might be the consequence of a large group of individuals congregating or a single person submitting a large amount of stuff.

Tap or click on a heatmap to see these Stories. Snapchat will then begin playing all of the Stories uploaded in that area. By touching or clicking on the right or left edges of the stream, you may view the next or previous Snaps.

Because of the way the Snapchat Map handles Stories, you may limit the amount of material you view by zooming in or out. Zoom in close and touch the individual heatmaps sprinkled about to view all the Stories in your region. Similarly, to see what a whole city is up to, zoom out to a citywide view and hit the single heatmap that surrounds it.

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How to Add Your Snaps to the Snapchat Map

If the map’s material in your region is lacking, you may add your own. To do so, create a new Snap or touch an existing Snap in your album. Then, in the bottom right, touch the arrow to transmit the snap.

A option will appear, asking where you wish to send it. Choose Our Story and then press the arrow at the bottom right. Your Story and its location are now accessible to the rest of the world.

How to Find Friends on the Snapchat Map in the App

If you have friends who are posting to Our Stories, you can see what they’re up to by pressing the magnifying glass in the upper left corner and then choosing your friend from the list that displays. You may also begin a conversation by tapping on their position on the map.

How to Close the Snapchat Map on the App

When you’ve finished exploring the Snapchat Map inside the app, you can return to the main page by touching the circle at the bottom of the map or hitting the back button on your phone. Either option will return you to camera mode, where you may continue using the Snapchat app as normal.

How to Change Your Location Privacy Settings

If you’ve looked through the Snapchat Map and decided you don’t want it to broadcast your position to your friends, you can adjust the permissions inside the app. Tap the cog in the upper right corner to access the settings, which feature four privacy choices for you to choose from.

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These options are:

  • Ghost Mode, which hides your whereabouts from everyone but you.
  • My Pals, which lets all of your Snapchat friends to see where you are.
  • My Friends, Except…, which enables you to exclude certain friends from seeing your location.
  • Only These Friends…, which enables you to choose which friends will be able to view your location.

If you do not want Snapchat to read your location, you must disable the location permission in your phone’s settings. If you don’t know how, you should learn how to verify crucial smartphone app permissions.

Getting the Most Out of Snapchat

The Snap Map is a fun way to connect with people in your community. And now that you know how to utilize the Snapchat Map, you can observe what’s going on in your neighborhood or load a feed of everyone in your city or town with an one tap. Similarly, you may contribute your own Stories to let everyone know what’s going on in your neighborhood.

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