How to Use the Double Thumbs Up Feature on Netflix (And Why You Should)

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How to Use the Double Thumbs Up Feature on Netflix (And Why You Should)

Netflix wants to know which shows you like and which shows you truly madly deeply love. And to help it do that, it’s adding a Double Thumbs Up feature. This feature will help Netflix show you more shows and movies that you really love, and it should already be available for all users.

What Is Netflix’ Double Thumbs Up Feature?

Double Thumbs Up Netflix
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In a Netflix blog post, the company introduced a feature called Double Thumbs Up as a way for you to indicate which shows and movies you really like and would like to see more of. While the usual thumbs up and thumbs down worked to a certain extent, everyone has titles they enjoy more than others, and Double Thumbs Up is the best option to make shows really stand out.

We’re always looking for new features we’d like to see on Netflix, so Double Thumbs Up is a welcomed addition. This feature should already be available for Netflix on the web, and the TV, Android, and iOS apps. At the time of writing, the update is available on the web and smart TV app, but not on Android and iOS.

Where to Find the Double Thumbs Up Feature

Finding the Double Thumbs Up feature isn’t too difficult. Simply load Netflix on your device or browser and select any show or movie you love.

If you’re on your browser, you will have to go on the thumbs-up icon near the Play button. Once you hover your cursor over it, you’ll get to choose between thumbs down, thumbs up, and double thumbs up. Or, as Netflix named them, “Not for me,” “I like this,” and “Love this!”

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If you’re on mobile, you’ll have to tap the Rate button on the movie or show page to find the three options. On your smart TV, simply load up a title you love, and the three rating buttons are available in the open, above the Play button.

Why You Should Use Double Thumbs Up

While liking and disliking titles may not be something we often do, it’s a feature we should all be using more. Every time you hit one of those buttons, you tell Netflix what type of content you like watching. Couple that with the time you spend binging or rewatching your favorite shows and movies, and you have a recipe for better recommendations. As Netflix explains:

Our current Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons allow you to tell us how you feel about a series or film, and in exchange, you receive a more tailored profile. However, we’ve come to realize that these emotions may transcend beyond a mere like or dislike. Giving us another method to inform us when you’re truly into something results in a profile with suggestions that better represent your interests.

It’s in your best interests to fine-tune your profiles, thus managing your Netflix ratings comes in useful. If we all did this more regularly, we may stop complaining about “having nothing to watch” when there are hundreds of alternatives accessible.

The ordinary thumbs up, according to Netflix, will notify the service what you enjoy so that it may make similar suggestions, but the Double Thumbs Up will help the algorithm be more precise. Then you’ll receive titles that are similar in style or include stars and actresses from your favorite series and movies.

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It’s Time to Get Better Netflix Recommendations

Netflix is far from ideal, and there are still some unpleasant elements. However, the Double Thumbs Up function is a terrific way to obtain better suggestions and show your support for your favorite episodes and movies.

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