How to Use Subscript in Google Docs

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How to Use Subscript in Google Docs

Subscripts are alphanumeric characters or symbols that appear just below another word or line. Superscripts, on the other hand, are placed over another word or line of text. Let’s have a look at how to utilize subscripts in Google Docs.

Although we are using Google Docs, the process for applying subscripts is the same for Google Slides. However, since Google Sheets is not a word processor, it lacks an explicit subscript and superscript capability.

How Are Subscripts Used?

Consider the chemical symbol for water. The subscript is the number “2.”

Consider Albert Einstein’s famous equation for mass-energy equivalence. The superscript here is the number “2.”

Subscripts and superscripts are required for writing exponents in mathematical calculations, chemical equations, physical dimensions, and other similar situations. So they’re more than simply little letters adjacent to larger ones on a page. Subscripts may be added to Google Docs in two methods.

To add a word or text as a subscript next to another line of text, move the cursor to the desired location or choose the text to convert to a subscript.

  1. Choose and highlight the word or line of text to be converted to a subscript.
  2. Select Format > Text > Subscript from the drop-down menu.
  3. To add a subscript, you may also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +.
  4. To delete the subscript, select it, then return to the Format menu and choose Subscript again.

Subscripts are usually made up of single characters. Converting a whole line to subscript format, on the other hand, is handy for adding citations or special notes to a text.

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Use a Special Character as a Subscript

In Google Docs, subscripts and superscripts are also special characters. They are written in the same way that symbols are added to a Google document.

Place the cursor where you wish to put a symbol as a subscript.

  1. Select Insert > Special characters from the menu.
  2. In the Special characters box, choose Symbol and Subscript from the dropdown menus.
  3. To insert a character as a subscript, select it and click Insert.
  4. Close the window for Special characters.

While Google Docs isn’t designed for scientific documentation in the same way that a LaTeX editor is, subscripts and superscripts may help.

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