How to Use Pixton to Let Children Create Their Very Own Comics

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How to Use Pixton to Let Children Create Their Very Own Comics

Keeping your children amused is a difficult task. There’s lots kids can do outdoors, but what if it starts to snow or rain? More importantly, how can you ensure that their internet time is secure? Or that their actions are both amusing and educational?

Why not give Pixton a shot? It allows users to make their own comics. Everything you need to know about Pixton is right here.

What Is Pixton?

Pixton is a website that enables youngsters to design their own comic strips. It does this via the use of a range of tools.

The site includes an avatar builder for students to represent themselves, an easy-to-use comic creator, and a large collection of backdrops, clothes, and other items.

Getting Started With Pixton

Pixton is simple to use for both parents and educators. Furthermore, you may test it for free to see whether it’s what you’re searching for.

The first step will be to design your avatar. Your students or children will notice this at different points during their Pixton experience, and even if they don’t, it’s a good approach for them to get acquainted with the tools they’ll be utilizing later.

You’ll be able to use Pixton when you’ve generated your own avatar. Once you’ve entered your name, you’ll be sent a link where the kids may make their own avatars. You may wish to assist smaller youngsters with this stage.

The avatar creator itself is really comprehensive and works well for individuals of all backgrounds. There are several skin tones, haircuts, and outfit options. There are even wheelchairs, hearing aids, and non-binary gender possibilities.

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Pixton can also automatically produce class photographs for instructors based on the avatars you and your students have made. You may choose from a range of themes, such as space, dinosaurs, or graduation.

Creating Your First Comic

Once you and your children’s avatars have been established, they will be able to start making their own comics. The procedure is as simple as you’d expect.

First, your youngsters must name their comics. It could be a good idea for educators to call it something particular, but they can easily change it afterwards.

Your children will then be presented with the comic creation UI. The panels for the comic are on the left, while the panel itself is on the right. The choices are in the middle, and there are six tabs at the top that allow you to alter the scenario.

Background performs approximately as expected. When you click on it, you may choose the backdrop for that panel. You may use the search box to find anything particular, or you can select from a certain set, such as the dinosaur collection.

Characters allows you to create new characters and modify their clothes. There are several presets to choose from, and you can always make your own. You may also include any characters from your family or class.

Focus changes the location of the actors in relation to the backdrop, such as where they stand in the room or how close the camera is to them.

Words comprises everything your characters say or think in the panel and allows you to change them character by character.

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Faces allows you to change individual characters’ emotions and facial expressions, while Actions allows you to change each character’s stance in the scenario. This features, like the backgrounds, a search bar and the option to filter by set.

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Pixton provides you with all of these tools at the top of the screen. There are a few additions, such as the option to adjust the time of day in a scene and add elements like weather, lighting, or images that you upload to the scene.

The system is simple enough to use that all youngsters should be able to produce, yet it has enough complexity in its features that those who want to can get the most out of what Pixton provides.

Pixton’s Additional Options For Educators

Pixton also contains a slew of extra tools to assist instructors manage their classes. All of these features are the result of educator input.

Depending on your pupils’ ages, you may wish to restrict their access to particular material. Pixton has an age filter to ensure that only acceptable material is shown.

Student login is also a focus, with simple access to Pixton using existing Google or Microsoft accounts.

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Pixton also keeps track of the comics you’ve evaluated and allows you to compile collections of great student work.

Pixton’s Paid Features & Premium Options

As previously said, Pixton allows you to test out its services for free, but there is a limit to how much you can do on such a plan. For those of you willing to pay, Pixton provides a variety of more advanced capabilities.

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You will get access to a few of free content packs while using Pixton for free. Backgrounds, stances, effects, and other elements are included. However, if you want to produce comics in a different historical period or with a specific theme, you’ll require access to additional material packs.

Pixton offers a massive selection of alternatives accessible in their content store, giving you and your children access to a wide range of possibilities. Many of them are instructional, such as Ancient Greece or animal habitat packs. Others are inspired by films or autism awareness.

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If you just need one or two, you may purchase them separately, but if you need all of them, you can upgrade your plan to one of many options. For a set monthly fee, you’ll be able to sample more of Pixton’s offerings.

Keep Your Kids Entertained

Nobody said parenting was easy, but it doesn’t have to be. There is so much you can do online these days, and your children will appreciate the additional work you put into providing them with the finest.

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