How to Use Netflix Party to Watch Movies Together Online

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How to Use Netflix Party to Watch Movies Together Online

Netflix Party allows you to watch Netflix movies and TV series with your family and friends online. And it makes no difference if you are in the same town or in different nations all over the globe. Netflix Party will make you feel as though you’re all watching Netflix in the same room.

This post will explain what Netflix Party is, how to use it, and how to troubleshoot it if anything goes wrong.

What Is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is Netflix’s official method of allowing individuals to watch Netflix online with others. There are alternative possibilities, but Netflix Party has a lot going for it owing to its official sponsorship.

You may use the program to sync Netflix playback with friends, watch Netflix with individuals in various places in your home, and even speak in real time about the happenings on-screen.

How Does Netflix Party Work?

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension. It is not available on other desktop browsers. Neither will it work on Android, iOS, games consoles, or streaming boxes—-you have to use the extension from Chrome on a desktop operating system. It is entirely free to download and use.

All the viewing is done through the official Netflix site in your country; there are no dodgy portals, mirrors, proxies, or VPN connections required. That means everyone needs to have access to the show or movie you’re about to watch in their respective locale.

Everyone also needs their own Netflix account. Unlike some other tools that let you watch movies together online, on Netflix Party, you don’t connect to a host and watch their screen. You do not need to make an account on Netflix Party itself.

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Netflix Party supports HD videos and fast buffering. Up to 50 people can join a party at the same time. Although text chat is available, there is no video or voice chat.

(Remember that you may circumvent geo-blocking limitations on Netflix by using a VPN.) CyberGhost or ExpressVPN are recommended by MakeUseOf.)

How to Use Netflix Party

We’ve found that Netflix Party is most likely the greatest tool available for viewing Netflix with distant pals (though there are a couple of other apps worth looking into depending on your needs).Next, let’s go through how to utilize the service in detail.

How to Install Netflix Party

Netflix Party must be installed via the Chrome Web Store. You may do so by going to the extension’s page and clicking the Add to Chrome button in the upper-right corner. When asked, click Add extension to finish the installation.

The icon will display in Chrome’s toolbar and will be available for usage.

Download: Netflix Party (Free)

How to Start a Netflix Party

Every Netflix Party requires a host. They are in charge of organizing the party and disseminating the invitation link. They may also choose whether the video can be played, paused, or skipped by anybody other than the host. A party can only be hosted by one individual.

If you wish to be the host, launch Netflix Party and invite your family or friends as follows:

  1. Go to Netflix and sign in using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the film or television program you wish to watch.
  3. Wait for the icon of the Netflix Party Chrome addon to become red (labeled NP).
  4. Click on the NP button.
  5. Select if you wish to keep control of video playback.
  6. Click Start the party.
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Netflix Party will provide you with a URL that you can share with those who want to participate.

How to Join a Netflix Party

If you are not the host of your party, you must know how to join an existing Netflix Party session.

To begin, ensure that you have the Netflix Party Chrome extension installed. Even if you are not a host, you must run the extension in order to participate. To be clear, you’ll also need an active Netflix account.

To join a party, click on the link provided by the host. Paste the URL into your browser, click Enter, and you’ll be added to the session without having to do anything more.

How to Customize Netflix Party

Netflix Party isn’t a feature-rich application. That’s not a criticism—it performs what it’s meant to do very well—but it does mean there aren’t a lot of options for you to explore.

Nonetheless, some degree of personalization is still feasible. For example, by clicking on the NP icon, you may toggle the chat window’s visibility. If you prefer to show it, you may modify the photo and choose your on-screen username by clicking on the avatar in the top-right corner.

Furthermore, each user has total control over their own audio and subtitle settings. This covers not just loudness, but also audio tracks. You may each listen to your favourite language if you have an international family. Similarly, those with hearing impairments may opt to use subtitles while others do not. You may even attempt to learn a new language by watching Netflix.

How to Leave a Netflix Party

There is no “log out” or “leave session” option in Netflix Party. Instead, you may exit a Netflix Party by closing the browser window in which it is currently running.

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Troubleshooting Netflix Party

Netflix Party runs very well for a widely used free extension. However, glitches can arise from time to time with Netflix Party.

Server overload is one of the most typical issues. According to Netflix Party, up to 50 individuals may join a party, however this restriction may be decreased when the servers are busy. Busy servers may also have an impact on buffering and message timeliness in the chat app. There is little you can do as a user.

Other issues are nearly always traceable back to something basic, so consider the following:

  • Is your browser equipped with the Netflix Party Chrome extension?
  • Do you have access to your Netflix account?
  • Have you successfully pasted the host’s link?
  • Are you attempting to carry out an activity that the host has prohibited?

And, as usual, closing your browser (including all active tabs) and restarting it may frequently make weird issues disappear in an instant (no pun intended).

Learn More About Using Netflix

Netflix Party is just one example of how you can make the most of Netflix. For more information, see our articles on how to watch Netflix on Linux and how to troubleshoot the most bothersome Netflix issues.

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