How to Use Netflix Kids’ New Top 10 Row and Recap Emails

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How to Use Netflix Kids’ New Top 10 Row and Recap Emails

Netflix isn’t only for adults who binge-watch their favorite TV series with abandon. Children also watch Netflix (often excessively), and the streaming service now has a distinct area for children. Netflix Kids, like the name suggests.

Netflix just added a few of kid-friendly options to help parents decide what their kids should watch next. This includes a summary email with suggestions and activities, as well as a Top 10 row geared exclusively at children.

What Are Netflix’ Recap Emails for Kids?

Netflix already has a variety of parental-friendly features and tools, such as personalized ratings, kids’ profiles, and profile locks. And it has now added a handful more choices to help you decide what to watch next.

Parents who build a profile for their children will get a bi-weekly summary email that will assist them in understanding their children’s preferences and will give additional possibilities for engaging their children’s interests. This gives them recommendations based on what they’ve already viewed on Netflix.

Aside from that, you may print coloring sheets and activities based on your children’s favorite TV characters. There are also topic charts that emphasize their favorite programming, such as science or friendship programs. This will give you a better indication of what they are interested in, at least on Netflix. You’ll also discover how to make the most of Netflix’s Kids features.

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What Is the Netflix Kids Top 10 Row?

The top ten rows on the Netflix homepage display what’s popular on the service. And the Top 10 row on Netflix Kids is no exception.

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You will be given a list of the top ten children’s programs in your nation. This enables you to monitor what other children are watching, which may assist you in making sense of the massive library of kids programming that Netflix currently provides.

The Kids Top 10 rows are updated on a daily basis and feature the most popular children’s entertainment, such as programs and movies, as well as maturity ratings.

The feature’s purpose is to create a one-of-a-kind collection of best-in-class tales from which to choose. The Kids’ Top 10 row will assist kids and parents understand what’s popular, particularly when they’re all together as a family, while deciding what to watch.

The popular kids movies, series, and specials that make this list will be labeled with a red “Top 10” badge on all of Netflix’s Kids profiles. The Top 10 list is accessible through the Kids’ homepage or the New & Popular section of the menu.

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Where to Find These Netflix Kids Features

The Kids Top 10 section has been added to your child’s profile, and biweekly emails will be issued to those who have at least one child’s profile on their account. However, you may unsubscribe at any moment.

According to About Netflix, all customers should have access to these services by now.

Netflix originally introduced children’s accounts in 2013, and the service has undergone various revisions since then. This spring, Netflix Kids accounts on televisions were revamped to include a Favorites row on the homepage featuring five characters from the TV episodes or movies that a kid has watched the most.

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Get to Know Netflix’s Family-Friendly Features

Children may connect with the world via movies and television programs, which help them learn about new places, build bonds with family and friends, and understand other points of view. That is why Netflix has created these family-friendly features that are appropriate for both children and parents.

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