How to Use Multi-Account Containers in Firefox

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How to Use Multi-Account Containers in Firefox

Multi-Account Containers is an add-on launched by Firefox designed to help you reduce your digital footprint. It uses “containers” so you can separate your browsing activity for multiple profiles on your computer, which helps you manage your browser’s cookies.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Multi-Account Containers add-on, so you can make the most out of its features.

What Firefox Multi-Account Containers Can Do for You

To begin with, the plugin divides your browsing behavior. You can keep your business and personal browsing separate if you use the same Firefox account. You may, for example, conceal your work-related container after you reach home or when your shift is through.

The add-on also enables you to log in to many accounts on the same page without having to switch between separate windows or browsers. For example, if you have a personal email account and a professional email account, you may use distinct containers to access both at the same time.

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Multi-Account Containers prohibits monitoring activities without requiring you to check out of websites when browsing. If you open a website in a container, it will not be able to follow your browsing activities while you are in another container.

When you use the add-on, it will always open a webpage in the same container. This will prevent any browser errors, such as accessing an online store while in your finance-related container. It may also assist you in avoiding security breaches by limiting any destructive activity to its container.

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How to Install Firefox Multi-Account Containers

If you want to give this Firefox add-on a go, follow these instructions to set it up:

  1. Navigate to the Firefox Browser Add-Ons page.
  2. Find Firefox Multi-Account Containers.
  3. Click Add to Firefox.
  4. Select Include the pop-up window.
  5. Wait for the installation to finish.

That’s all. There is no need to restart Firefox; the add-on is ready to use.

How to Use and Manage Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers

The symbol for Firefox Multi-Account Containers will display on your toolbar when you install it. The add-menu on’s has four default categories: Work, Banking, Personal, and Shopping.

How to Add New Categories

You may create a new category and tweak it to your liking. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Open the add-on menu.
  2. Click the plus button.
  3. Add a name, change the color, and choose an icon.
  4. Once you’re done, click OK.

Click the add-on icon and choose Always open this site in to add a site to a container. After that, choose one of your containers.

How to Hide Containers

If your job requires a lot of research, you may find yourself having more than 15-20 tabs open at once, mixed in with other tabs such as email, Facebook, or Spotify. Click the arrow next to the container to hide all container tabs. Then choose Hide this container.

How to Manage Tabs

Select the container and then click Launch new tab in if you want to open a new tab in it.

You may also organize your tabs in Firefox Multi-Account Container. Select Sort Tabs by Container from the add-on menu. This will place tabs of the same kind adjacent to each other in your browser window. So, if you have Shopping and Work tabs jumbled together, you can quickly arrange them.

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To open tabs from a certain container in a new window, open the container and then click Move tabs to a new window.

How to Delete a Container

To remove a container that you no longer need, enter the add-on menu and click Manage containers. Then, choose the container you wish to delete and press the Delete This Container button.

Easily Separate Your Firefox Browsing Activity

When it comes to modifying and controlling Firefox’s containers, there are several advantages and possibilities. So, if you’re still reluctant to make Firefox your main browser, this tutorial could persuade you otherwise.

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