How to Use Markdown in Google Docs

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How to Use Markdown in Google Docs

Markdown is maybe the most basic technique to format text. This markup language eliminates the need to understand HTML tags or use your mouse to format. The best part is that Markdown is widely supported and portable.

Fortunately, Google Docs supports Markdown, allowing Docs users to compose faster and more consistently. As a result, we’ll go through how to activate and utilize Markdown in Google Docs in this post.

How to Enable Markdown in Google Docs

In Google Docs, the Markdown option is disabled by default. You must do the following to enable it:

  1. Select Tools from the menu.
  2. Go to Preferences.
  3. Check Markdown will be detected automatically and OK will be selected.

Google Docs will now recognise Markdown and transform your content automatically. However, keep in mind that Markdown support in Google Docs is restricted.

Markdown Elements Supported in Google Docs

Because Markdown support is restricted, let’s go through the formatting choices available. You may also refer to our Markdown cheat sheet.

  • Bold and Italic: To begin, you may bold and italicize text using single and double asterisks (or underscores). The content would be bolded and italicized if three asterisks were added.
  • Strikethrough: Add a dash on both sides of the text to strikethrough it.
  • Headings: Before the text, place a hash symbol for H1, two hash symbols for H2, and so on. Remember to include a space after the number sign so that Google Docs can recognize it.
  • Lists: For an unordered list, use an asterisk or a dash. Enter a period after the number to create an ordered list.
  • Links are added by putting anchor text in brackets and URLs in parenthesis.
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Anyone acquainted with Markdown will recognize that this is just the beginning. If you want to learn more about Markdown, check out our getting started with Markdown tutorial.

Limitations of Google Docs Markdown

The Google Docs Markdown functionality has various restrictions. These are some examples:

  • After Docs recognizes and prepares the content, the Markdown symbols are eliminated. This makes altering the formatting difficult if necessary.
  • It only identifies Markdown when you type it in Docs, not when you paste it.
  • There is no built-in option for exporting the file as Markdown.
  • Not all Markdown components are supported.

Format Text Easily With Markdown

Google Docs has you covered whether you need to add headers, bold the text, or italicize it. However, before you begin utilizing asterisks and hashes, be sure to enable the functionality.

Although Google Docs supports Markdown, the absence of fundamental functionality and limited support prohibit authors from making the most of it. If you like Markdown, you should experiment with full-fledged online Markdown editors.

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