How to Use Google Drive for Desktop

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How to Use Google Drive for Desktop

Google Drive is a productivity juggernaut as well as one of the most popular cloud storage services. Users with a Google account may use it to store and share files across different platforms and devices.

We’ll teach you how to utilize this highly handy tool on your desktop computer, whether it’s a Mac or a Windows machine, in this post.

How to Download and Install Google Drive on Your Desktop

Follow these steps to download and install Google Drive on your desktop:

  1. Navigate to Google Drive’s download page and choose Download Drive for Desktop. The website is sophisticated, and it will immediately detect your operating system, whether Windows or macOS. It will then download the correct file format for your operating system.
  2. Choose where you want to save the installation file in the next window and click Save. GoogleDriveSetup.exe for Windows or GoogleDrive.dmg for Mac should be the filename. You might also select to have the file open automatically after downloading it.
  3. After that, click Install to begin the installation. On macOS, an additional box would appear, requesting your Mac password in order to complete the installation. Enter your password and then click the Install Software button.
  4. After the installation is finished, a new disk, commonly called Google Drive (G:), will be added to your Windows desktop. In macOS, a Google Drive icon will appear in the top menu bar.
  5. To finish the installation, sign in with your Google account. If you’re using Windows, you’ll be sent to your browser, which will display the login screen. On macOS, click the Google Drive icon in the top menu bar to open the login page. You have successfully installed Google Drive on your desktop after your login is complete.
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How to Use Google Drive for Desktop

Google Drive for Desktop allows you to sync all of your Google Drive files and folders to your PC, as well as upload items from your desktop to your Drive. Because Drive for Desktop is a sync service, it will automatically sync local files to the cloud in the background, reducing the amount of time you have to wait for files to sync.

To upload files to your Drive, open it, go to Settings (gear icon), and then Preferences. Select your machine from the left sidebar and click Add folder on a Mac. Your system will now display your files directory, from which you may pick the folder to sync to Google Drive.

If you wish to upload all of the files in the folder to the cloud, choose Sync with Google Drive. Select the Back Up to Google Photographs option if you just want to sync photos and videos.

Simply right-click any folder you wish to sync to Google Drive on Windows, then pick Sync or Backup this folder. You’ll be sent to the same window as seen above, where you can simply pick the folder you want to sync to Drive.

Remember that Google Drive is a synchronization service, not a backup solution. This implies that any changes you make to a file on one device will be duplicated on all other devices to which you are logged in. For example, if you alter or remove a file on your PC, the changes will be reflected on your smartphone.

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How to Pause Syncing on Google Drive for Desktop

To preserve data or storage space, you may choose to halt syncing to Google Drive. To do this:

  1. Open Drive for desktop.
  2. Select Settings (gear icon), then Pause Syncing. Simply repeat these steps and click what should now be Resume Syncing to resume syncing.

Another key caveat: Google Drive only provides 15GB of free storage. If this isn’t enough, you can expand your Google Cloud storage space by purchasing more storage from Google, or you can free up some space on Drive by deleting certain files.

Access Your Files From Any Device

With Google Drive on your desktop, you can keep your files accessible on all of your devices, allowing you to access documents, images, and videos whenever you need them.

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