How to Use Facebook to Build a Professional Network

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How to Use Facebook to Build a Professional Network

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world, with over 2.8 billion monthly active users. And it’s on its approach to overtaking its modest competitor, LinkedIn, which has 740 million members looking for employment and business possibilities.

For years, recruiters have used this social networking site to identify new talent. So why not take advantage of it by using Facebook to establish a strong professional network?

Let’s understand how you can do it.

The Preparations to Build a Professional Network on Facebook

Improve the page they’ll arrive on initially before you start networking with important individuals.

1. Customize Your URL

When you begin utilizing your Facebook account for business networking, you should consider customizing your URL. It makes it simpler for others to locate your page.

When you establish a Facebook account, it offers you a long URL that includes numbers and letters, making it needlessly long and unsightly.

You can, thankfully, modify it. Simply go to General Account Settings and customize your link.

2. Set a Professional Profile Picture

When people visit your profile, the first thing they see is your profile image. It goes without saying that if you’re using Facebook to create your professional network, it must be professional.

Here are some pointers for taking a professional portrait of yourself:

  • Make sure your face takes up more than 50% space in the picture.
  • Dress smartly and casually.
  • Smile a bit
  • Look confident
  • Wearing too much jewelry or make-up is not recommended.

3. Fix the Privacy Settings

You must have been using your Facebook account for personal purposes until now, sharing posts with your friends and family. This may contain embarrassing images, videos, weird musings, or comments on sensitive subjects.

These behaviors seem to be detrimental to your professional connections and network.

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Consider changing your privacy settings to keep these posts hidden from everyone. You may organize individuals into groups to share various sorts of postings.

4. Update the Professional Details With Right Links

Finally, add professional information to your Facebook profile. Do you notice the area where you must enter, and what do you do for a living?

Fill in the blanks. However, instead of just mentioning your career in one word, try expanding on what you do.

For example, if you’re a digital marketer, you may write “Generating leads for XYZ Limited using different digital channels since 2004.” It informs recruiters and others in your sector about why you’re a useful resource.

Aside from that, if you’re an entrepreneur, a small company owner, or operate on a contract basis with many customers, you may utilize your bio area to put your slogan.

5 Ways to Build a Professional Network Using Facebook

1. Find Groups in Your Niche

Finding relevant Facebook groups in your field is the first step in creating a professional network on Facebook. They assist you in developing the essential presence and introduce you to many individuals in your business.

Google “The finest Facebook groups in [your business]” to locate the ideal groups for you. Then, join the ones that are most relevant to what you’re doing. However, before you join, look at the group’s latest activity date. If the most recent post on it is from 2018, you should probably avoid it.

Aside from that, determine the kind of material that the group members publish. Is it educational content? Do individuals share their work-related issues here? It might assist you in determining how you can contribute to the group.

2. Contribute, Engage, and Learn From Facebook Groups

Spend 10-15 minutes every day reviewing the groups you’ve joined. You may learn about new trends in your sector, assist someone in resolving a problem they posted, receive answers to your questions, or just read how someone else dealt with an issue that may be useful to you.

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These objects have various benefits. You are always up to speed on industry news. So, who has the finest themes to start a discussion at the next networking event? Similarly, you may assist folks at the workplace in resolving issues that arise in the group. With consistent work, you may become the go-to person when something like this occurs.

This manner, you may obtain the trust of your coworkers and management, advance in your career, become a team leader, or just develop confidence.

Furthermore, whether you are a service provider or a small company owner, responding to your prospects’ questions in the group might help you develop a positive reputation. And who knows, maybe the next person you assist will hire you.

Furthermore, Facebook enables you to post in groups anonymously. You may utilize this function if you require people’s feedback on a firm project you’re working on.

3. Understand the Fine Line Between Helping and Spamming

While giving educational knowledge is beneficial to group members, explicitly pushing your company’s product or service in a conversation is considered spam. Sending friend requests or direct messages to members of the group is likewise prohibited unless you have their consent.

If you wish to introduce yourself and market your services, join the group and do so indirectly.

You can simply say:

Hello, I just joined this group. My name is [Your Name], and I work in [Your Industry] as a [Your Profession]. If you work in the same industry, please reach out.

4. Build Meaningful Relationships With Your Network

As previously stated, you cannot spam somebody by adding them as friends out of the blue. You’re OK if you’ve previously exchanged a few words in the comment area once or twice.

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If they accept your friend request, you will be granted opportunity to submit a brief introduction message. This is the first step in developing relationships with individuals in your field. Continue reading to guarantee it lasts.

5. Nurture Your Professional Network

After being introduced, you must continue to nurture the new connections you have formed. You can’t simply add individuals to your network, then forget about them until you need something from them years later. That is not the case.

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Instead, stay in contact with them by providing industry news, discussing ideas, introducing people, or just interacting with their material. If you don’t know what to say, email them an article that interests them and explain that you were reading it and thought they would find it beneficial.

Guess who they’ll call first or refer the next time that individual or someone in their network needs your service?

Use Facebook to Network

Networking is one of the most effective strategies to advance your career. So don’t rely on conventional networking gatherings. Instead, take advantage of any and all opportunities to expedite the procedure.

Who knows, maybe your next project or job opportunity will come from someone you helped solve an issue on Facebook.

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