How to Use Editor in Outlook for Foolproof Emails

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How to Use Editor in Outlook for Foolproof Emails

Microsoft Editor is a cloud-based spelling and grammar checker included into Microsoft Outlook and Word. Microsoft has also created a free browser plugin for Chrome and Edge that provides basic tips to help you improve your grammar and spell.

However, in order to fully use Editor, you must have an Office 365 subscription. This enables you to get more refined recommendations for formality, clarity, conciseness, vocabulary, and other factors. When it comes to drafting emails, an editor may be your best friend. Here’s how Microsoft Editor may assist you in creating faultless emails.

How to Use Microsoft Editor to Improve Your Emails

Here are some pointers to help you enhance your email writing utilizing Microsoft’s intelligent writing helper.

1. Quickly Review an Email

There are times when you want to quickly proofread an email and correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes before sending it. If you don’t want to read over your emails line by line but want to enhance the wording, Microsoft Editor may assist you.

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After you’ve finished writing an email, go to Review and choose Spelling and Grammar. The editor will do a brief check to ensure that the spelling and punctuation are correct.

2. Make Your Text More Inclusive

The Microsoft Editor is very user-friendly, and it can even identify the tone of your texts. So, for example, if you want to make your emails more inclusive and eliminate any prejudices that may have crept in, Editor can assist you.

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You must first change the settings to enable Microsoft Editor to monitor content and indicate any prejudice or insensitive remarks. Click on the Editor icon, then adjust the parameters as needed.

Microsoft Editor will indicate text that it believes should be changed. This is an excellent alternative for folks who operate in cross-cultural teams and want to avoid saying anything inappropriate.

3. Make Your Emails More Concise and Readable

You may also use Microsoft Editor to make your content more brief and readable. This is vital and may help readers understand your writing better.

It is compatible with both the Outlook program and Editor will automatically provide recommendations to make your content more legible and succinct as you write.

This is excellent for when you want to make a lengthier email more professional and to the point.

4. Improve Your Vocabulary

Are you short on words? Not to worry! Microsoft Editor may also give recommendations to improve the readability of your work. Most folks will like the variety of ideas since it includes more particular adjectives that will assist you provide greater impact with your comments.

From standard wording to clichés and collective nouns, Microsoft Editor can flag them for you and make relevant comments to help you improve your emails.

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This is extremely useful when you need to explain something to someone but don’t want to use unnecessarily sophisticated phrases. If you believe you are wasting too many words in your emails, Editor can assist you in strengthening your writing and making it more powerful.

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5. Refine Your Text and Get a Score

You may also get an overview of how your writing reads in the Microsoft Editor window. On the right side, you can see the Editor Score as well as the writing tone. You may examine all of the Editor’s recommendations and make adjustments by clicking on the Editor Score.

A Work in Progress

Microsoft Editor is still in its early stages. It use artificial intelligence to understand how you write and provide recommendations, which may sometimes fall short. Editor, on the other hand, will improve as more people use it.

If you wish to improve your writing skills, there are several online courses available.

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