How to Use Auto Text Expanders in Chrome to Speed Up Browsing

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How to Use Auto Text Expanders in Chrome to Speed Up Browsing

With repeated tasks, text expanders may save you a lot of time and patience. You may even have them on your browser to assist you type online.

Can’t think of anything you’d do with them? Here are a few ways Chrome’s top auto text expander addons may help you browse quicker and easier.

1. Autofill Google Searches on Chrome

If you often use Google’s search engine, you may build shortcuts for the text you frequently use. The first text expander you should look at is Magical, which allows you to create an infinite number of shortcuts for single words or whole paragraphs. It’s also completely free.

Among its numerous applications is the ability to speed up your Googling by autofilling your most popular words such as “what does,” “who is,” and “definition.”

Combine Magical’s tools with other Google search tips and tactics to speed up your study.

Download: Magical (Free)

2. Fill Out Forms and General Info Automatically

How many online forms do you fill out every day? Once you’ve constructed the appropriate shortcuts or snippets, text expanders may fill them in for you.

Text Blaze, yet another excellent Chrome extension for autofilling text while surfing, provides a highly user-friendly framework for generating and utilizing snippets. You may create whole folders with facts or phrases that you usually use for sign-ups, quizzes, evaluations, or any other form.

Any text you need, from your name and address to your signature and current date, may be shown with a few keystrokes.

Download: Text Blaze (Free, subscription available)

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3. Take Notes Online With Text Expanders

Notetaking while surfing is simpler than ever, thanks to Google Chrome autofill plugins like ProKeys, whether you use OneNote or free online sticky notes solutions.

To begin, you make snippets of your favorite words, basic ones that are easy to remember. Then, launch your online notetaking program, enter a snippet, and press Shift + Space. The sample will grow into the sentence supplied to it.

When it comes to ProKeys, you must go through these steps for each snippet, which means you can’t compose a number of them and then use Shift + Space to expand them all at once.

Other Chrome extensions operate differently or quicker, so try as many as you can to discover the ideal one for the task.

Download: ProKeys (Free)

4. Autofill Code on Your Browser

More professional autofill tools, such as TextExpander, cater to large and small organizations and their staff. Its extensive tool set comes at a fee, but you may test them out for free for 30 days.

Its various collaboration, analysis, and text expansion functions include the ability to produce JavaScript, AppleScript, and Shell Script code snippets.

So, if you’re interested in programming while surfing on Chrome, you may install the TextExpander extension and have it autofill whatever text you need to finish algorithms swiftly.

TextExpander may be downloaded (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. Improve Your Online Communication With Text Expanders

Text expanders are an excellent option for creating messages if you use your browser to connect with friends or clients. They can autofill phrases you use often while you focus on anything unique you wish to convey.

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Keep TextExpander in mind for chatting, drafting emails, and producing social media posts since it specializes in easy cooperation.

You may not only develop multiple sophisticated snippets, but also share them with your colleagues. This manner, while chatting to one other, expressing common workplace problems, or speaking professionally with clients, you may all use the same language.

TextExpander may be downloaded (Subscription required, free trial available)

6. Use Autofill to Speed Up Your Blogging

Some bloggers prefer to compose articles directly in their browsers. It saves time and allows you to stylize each item as you write, rather than copying text from Word and making adjustments.

A text expander is also handy in this situation. Standard calls to action or contact information display on blog articles, and you may build shortcuts for them in autofill applications.

FlyMSG is another text expansion service for Google Chrome that you should get acquainted with. It’s free and simple to use as you create folders of useful snippets, or FlyCuts, for your blog.

Whether you’re posting on Medium or WordPress, just put in your shortcuts and your browser’s plugin will replace them with the appropriate term.

Download: FlyMSG (Free)

7. Write Marketing Materials Faster With Auto Text Expanders

A smart marketing plan is vital for the success of any company or blog. Choose an add-on for autofilling all that written information that will place your business on the map alongside Chrome extensions for digital marketers.

A text expander allows you to create newsletters, advertisements, press releases, and other documents without leaving your browser. Consider what language, words, and phrases would appear best on such materials. Then, prepare your shortcuts using any of the services listed above.

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You may begin advertising your company without thinking about the writing or how long it will take.

Personalize Your Google Chrome Experience With Auto Text Expanders

The more efficient your browser, the more enjoyable it will be to use. Auto text expanders are clever and very handy since they may expedite every aspect of your online writing, whether you’re filling out forms, uploading articles, or just conversing.

Investigate alternative ways Chrome extensions might enhance your user experience. Make the platform as enjoyable and useful as feasible.

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