How to Use All the Drawing Tools in Apple Markup

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How to Use All the Drawing Tools in Apple Markup

Markup is a common tool that can be found in the majority of Apple’s built-in applications. Aside from making rapid modifications and adding comments to documents, the application also enables you to draw, sketch, and take handwritten notes.

Do you know how to utilize all of Markup’s drawing tools? Continue reading to understand how to utilize them as effectively as possible.

Markup is widely used in the Apple environment; nevertheless, Mac’s Markup lacks Drawing capabilities. As a result, the instructions following are geared at utilizing Markup on iPhones and iPads. The following applications provide different ways to utilize Markup’s Drawing tools:

  • Notes: To access the drawing tools, tap the Markup symbol, which looks like a pen tip. You can draw straight on your iPad if you have an Apple Pencil.
  • Photos: Select a picture, then hit Edit, then the ellipsis symbol (…), and finally Markup.
  • Look for the Markup icon above the keyboard in Mail. Tap the arrow symbol to show additional choices if you can’t see it.
  • Messages: To snap a picture, press the Camera symbol, or hit the Photos icon to upload an existing photo from your album. Then, on the picture, choose Markup.

Aside from Drawing tools, certain programs’ Markup tools enable you to add text, shapes, and signatures, which may not be available in other apps. Similarly, iPads may offer extra functions that iPhone users do not have access to.

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Markup is a useful tool for drawing and sketching, particularly if you have an iPad and an Apple Pencil. Even without one, there are several ways to make the most of Markup’s drawing capabilities.

You can even use your iPhone to mark up documents and photographs on your Mac utilizing Apple’s Continuity capabilities. Not all of these tools will be accessible to Mac users, but an outline of the alternatives is provided below.

If you haven’t looked at the tools yet, here’s a list of them and how to utilize them.

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If you have an iPad and an Apple Pencil, you can convert your handwriting into text using the Scribble feature. This is compatible with Notes and word processing tools like as Pages. When you link your Apple Pencil with your iPad, Scribble is enabled by default.

Scratch off a word to erase it, hold your Apple Pencil between words to insert text, and select text by circling it or drawing a line underneath it.

Markup has four drawing tools: the Pen, Marker, Pencil, and Fill tools. The Fill feature, on the other hand, is exclusively accessible to iPad users. The look and sensitivity to touch of these tools varies depending on whether you’re using an Apple Pencil or your finger.

The pace of a stroke, for example, will be important when using the pen and pencil instruments. Faster strokes result in larger or bolder pen tool drawings. When using the pencil tool, use slower strokes to create bolder lines. The marker tool, however, is unaffected by stroke speed.

Draw like you usually would if you want a beautiful line or form. Wait for the line or shape you created to develop into a perfect shape or line before releasing your finger. To determine that you’re attempting to draw a form, you must draw it in one stroke.

This function is available for arrows, straight lines, arcs, lines with 90-degree turns (such as stairs), pentagons, chat bubbles, hearts, stars, and clouds.

The pink eraser tip on Markup’s eraser tool may be used as a Pixel Eraser or an Object Eraser. If you choose the latter, the Eraser tool will be marked with an X. Depending on the erase setting, just swipe your finger to remove pixels, complete strokes, or forms.

In addition to the Eraser tool, you may utilize the Undo and Redo buttons at the top of the screen.

The Lasso tool in Markup is remarkable. It may be used to pick items in a variety of ways. To begin choosing, press the lasso tool and then do one of the following:

  • Draw an enclosure: To select items, draw a line around the selected element. When you choose a form, dotted lines will appear around it. When you realize this, you may relocate the element.
  • Double-tap or hold: This is useful when components such as shapes or handwritten notes overlap and you only want to choose a particular shape. The chosen shapes will be highlighted. You may also alter your selection by dragging the little yellow selecting tools that resemble pins.
  • Handwritten sentences may be triple-tapped.
  • Touch, hold, and drag: To choose several components or a paragraph, first pick one word and then drag it to select the other text blocks or paragraphs.
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You may also move a whole design by dragging up and down while holding the yellow arrow with the border line. Aside from shifting choices, you may also Cut, Copy, Delete, Duplicate, or Insert Space Above. You may also alter the colors in the Markup toolbar by touching the color palette.

To create straight lines, use the Ruler tool. Drag the Ruler tool around the screen with your finger. Rotate it with two fingers to change its angle.

The ruler tool will provide haptic input at 0, 45, and 90 degrees to assist you in positioning the ruler at these angles. When you’re finished, just press the Ruler again to remove it.

You may mark words, objects, and forms with the annotation tool. As you change the items, these annotations move with them. Simply press anywhere on the screen to get the Annotation tool. Unlike Scribble, you can annotate without the use of an Apple Pencil. Tap the More button (…) and pick Smart Annotation to utilize your finger.

You can also make adjustments to the drawing tools:

  • Line weight: You may change the line weight of a drawing tool by touching it and selecting one of five thickness choices.
  • Opacity: Change the opacity of the line by selecting a drawing tool and sliding the slider.
  • Color: To change the color of a tool, just touch the Color icon to the right of the toolbox. To pick a color from the palette in grids, select the Grid tab. Select a color by dragging your finger over the color spectrum by selecting the Spectrum tab. Choose Sliders if you wish to manually change the RGB components. You may also just enter the hex color number of your favorite color into the area. If you’ve already used the color on your design, use the dropper tool in the top left to choose a color from it.
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You may also reposition your Markup Toolbox when using it in compatible applications. This, unfortunately, is only available on iPads. Simply drag the toolbox from the centre of the toolbar (nearest the center of the screen) to any border of your screen to relocate it.

To turn on Auto-minimize, which minimizes the toolbar while you’re drawing or inputting text, press the extension icon or the ellipsis icon, then turn it on. You may restore the full toolbar by touching the minimized version. If you wish to remove it entirely, hit the Markup icon or Done.

Go Beyond Scribbling

The drawing tools in Markup may seem simple at first look. However, with little investigation, you’ll discover that they’re fairly strong tools that let you do more with your photographs and comments than merely scribbling. Aside from a variety of writing tools, Markup may be used to create ideal forms, convert handwriting into text, and annotate documents and photos.

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