How to Use Activity Cards on Your PlayStation 5

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How to Use Activity Cards on Your PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is an excellent gaming system that comes with a slew of quality-of-life enhancements. One of them is Activity Cards, which were created by Sony to save you time while finishing single-player content in games that support the functionality.

But what exactly are Activity Cards? How do you put them to use? Let us investigate.

What Are PS5 Activity Cards?

Activity Cards are a PlayStation 5 feature that enables you to conveniently monitor your game’s progress and begin or continue single-player activities like side quests and trophy hunts directly from the dashboard.

Assume you’re in the midst of a side mission, hit a checkpoint, and decide to turn off your computer for the night. The next time you start up your PS5, you may pick the Action Card linked with that activity from the dashboard. This easy operation will enable you to return to the side mission without having to restart the game and deal with in-game menus.

As you complete the actions in a game, new Activity Cards with ideas for what you should do next will appear. These recommendations are based on how far you’ve progressed in the game and what you like doing. So, if you are stuck, simply glance at the Activity Cards to see if you can figure out how to move the game ahead.

How Do You Use Activity Cards on PS5?

Using an Activity Card is simple, but you must connect your PlayStation 5 to the internet in order to view all of the available cards for a certain game.

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Hover over a PS5 game on the dashboard and press the left analog stick on your DS5 controller to show Activity Cards. This will emphasize the Play Game option, and you should see the Activities section directly below it.

To access the Activities area, press the left analog stick once again. To start or continue an activity, scroll through the list of activities and hit the square button.

To switch between activities, just click the PS button to bring up the Control Center and pick a new Activity Card.

You may also enlarge an Activity Card by selecting it and clicking the X icon. This provides further information on the activity.

For example, you may check how far you’ve gotten toward finishing a given task and how long it will take you to complete it. Activity Cards may sometimes disclose the benefits you’ll get after completing them.

Save Yourself Time and Use PS5 Activity Cards

Activity Cards are quite useful since they allow you to get right into in-game activities from the dashboard. Furthermore, they assist you maintain your momentum in a game by recommending what to do next and telling you how far you’ve gotten towards finishing a certain single-player activity.

Activity Cards are one of the most important aspects of the PlayStation 5, and you should utilize them to save time.

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