How to Use a Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp

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How to Use a Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp

You can now create customised avatars on Facebook and modify them with various haircuts, clothing, skin tones, and other features. Once produced, you may use it as your profile photo, as a sticker in a post’s comments box, or as the backdrop of your post.

You can also send them as a Facebook Messenger sticker or share them outside of Facebook.

Because Facebook and WhatsApp are connected, you may also share the avatar straight on WhatsApp. This tutorial will walk you through the process of using your Facebook Avatar in WhatsApp conversations.

Sharing Your Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp

To share an avatar on WhatsApp, you must first create it on Facebook. So, if you haven’t already, design it first.

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By clicking on the Avatars tab in the Facebook app, you may check whether or not the avatar you made earlier has been preserved. You’re good to go if you watch its preview.

Follow the below steps to share your avatar on WhatsApp.

  1. To access the Facebook menu settings, tap on three horizontal lines.
  2. Go to Avatars.
  3. Click the second option in the avatar preview box to see a list of stickers.
  4. Select any sticker.
  5. Select More Options from the pop-up box.
  6. Choose the platform where you want to share your Facebook avatar—in this example, WhatsApp.
  7. Select the contact to whom you wish to send the sticker.
  8. Select the green send icon.

On WhatsApp, avatars are exchanged in the form of a picture. As a result, you may keep them in your gallery, share them with your friends, and use them like your WhatsApp status as you would any other photo.

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If you save it to your phone’s gallery, you may use it as your profile image.

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Use Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp to Add Some Fun

Avatars as stickers are a terrific way to spice up your chat. After you’ve created them on Facebook, you may export them to other social networking networks like Instagram and Twitter.

Try using avatars in WhatsApp talks with your friends and family.

There are several options if you don’t like the appearance and feel of Facebook Avatars. These platforms may provide you with more design options.

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