How to Use a Chromecast as a Second Computer Monitor

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How to Use a Chromecast as a Second Computer Monitor

If you’ve just purchased a Chromecast, you’re probably wondering what this little device is capable of. It is not only simple to use, but it also contains a plethora of useful capabilities to make your life simpler.

One of its productivity tips is to cast your Chrome browser or duplicate your desktop to another device. Here’s how to use a Chromecast-enabled TV as a second PC display.

Is It Possible to Use Chromecast as a Real Second Monitor?

You may be wondering whether you can utilize a Chromecast to expand your desktop to a TV as a second monitor. Can you, for example, set up a TV as a wireless dual monitor for your operating system and then move windows and open programs between the PC and the TV screen?

This was previously feasible. A workaround convinced Windows that the Chromecast was a second display. Unfortunately, the method no longer works with Windows 10.

To acquire the same effect as a second monitor without the advantages of expanding the display, utilize the casting techniques indicated below.

How to Cast Browser Tabs

As the preceding method demonstrates, connecting your Chromecast to a TV is simple. Following that, you may cast a browser tab to your Chromecast television as if it were a second monitor.

Chrome makes this simple. Look in the top-right corner of your browser window for what seems to be a Wi-Fi signal beaming toward a screen. When you click this, you’ll get a list of all the devices that can cast your tab. When you click on the one you choose, the tab will display on the television.

Things aren’t that straightforward when it comes to Chromecast on Firefox. As of this writing, the only option to gain Chromecast capability is via a third-party program named fx cast.

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However, after installing and testing it, it did not seem to be working. It’s worth keeping an eye on it in case it changes in the future months.

How to Cast Your Entire Desktop

Casting your desktop isn’t as simple as casting a tab, but it’s also not tough.

Find and click the Chromecast symbol in the upper right corner of your browser, as described above. However, this time, instead of clicking the screen you wish to cast to, click Sources underneath the displays.

Then choose Cast Desktop. Once chosen, you may go to the desired screen as normal.

If you utilize several screens, it will ask which one you wish to cast to. It will also ask whether you want to cast the audio. Select your preferred selections, then click the Share button.

The Chromecast will cast your full screen to the TV. This cast will include aspects of the operating system such as the taskbar. This useful feature makes it an excellent choice for demonstrating certain tasks.

It is important to remember that you use Chromecast to mirror your desktop and not to transfer additional open windows, open programs, or apps between your desktop and TV screen.

How to Cast From a Video Service

You may wish to cast a video on a website without casting the whole page. For example, if you’re going to play a YouTube video via your Chromecast, you may not want the rest of the website to appear—just the video.

Look for the Chromecast symbol on the video player itself in this case. You may need to move your cursor over the video to see the controls. Then, if you see the Chromecast symbol, click on it.

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You may be able to work around it even if you don’t notice it. You may, for example, try casting the tab and then make the movie full screen if the player allows it.

How to Cast a Local Video or Music File

What if you wish to play a media file from your computer? Fortunately, Chromecast can handle it as well.

Once the file is ready, open Chrome and go to the Chromecast icon, then select Sources. Click Cast File in the selection box that displays.

A pop-up window will appear, requesting the file. Chromecast currently supports.ogm,.webm,.ogv,.mp4,.m4v,.opus,.flac,.webm,.weba,.wav,.ogg,.m4a,.mp3, and.oga files. This should be sufficient to support the media file you want to cast!

How to Cast From a Video Player

If you’re fortunate, your favorite video player will support Chromecast natively. Apps like VLC have embraced Google’s streaming gadget, enabling you to instantly cast whatever you’re viewing to the TV.

You may cast to Chromecast in a current version of VLC by choosing Playback and then hovering over Renderer.

If your Chromecast is presently turned on and functioning, it should display in the list of renderers. If it still doesn’t work, restart your computer’s Wi-Fi connection and try again.

If it appears, choose the Chromecast. Then, launch the video you wish to watch.

It is preferable to connect to the Chromecast before playing the video. During testing, I discovered that if I played a movie in VLC before connecting to Chromecast, the subsequent cast would not play the audio. This issue was quickly resolved if we first set up the cast.

If you want to improve VLC even more, make sure to learn about VLC’s top-secret features.

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How to Cast Music and Podcasts

It’s tempting to believe Chromecast is solely good for watching videos, but this isn’t the case. Some music applications completely support Chromecast, allowing you to transform your TV into a music media center.

This function is fantastic if you want to listen to music while watching TV and have a nice sound system. For example, if you have a great Spotify playlist that you’d want to play throughout the home, you may cast it straight to your Chromecast.

Navigate to the Spotify playlists page. You should see a screen with a speaker in front of it to the right of the music progress indicator.

When you click this button while listening to music on your PC, your Chromecast device will appear in the popup window. When you click on your device, Spotify will start playing on your Chromecast.

If you like listening to Spotify on an Android device, why not supplement it with an Android app?

Get the Most Out of Your Chromecast

It’s easy to believe Chromecast is simply useful for displaying tabs, but it’s capable of much more. It can show your desktop, stream video files, and even play music!

Did you know you can use your Chromecast to play games? You can cast applications and games to the large screen for a more immersive experience.

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