How to Upgrade Storage on a Chromebook

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How to Upgrade Storage on a Chromebook

Chromebooks have gained popularity among users due to their simplicity, however this comes with a cost. Many low-cost Chromebooks have insufficient storage that you can utilize.

This isn’t usually a disadvantage since they’re mainly intended to operate with the web. However, you may need more storage at times. Fortunately, getting some more space when you need it is fairly simple.

Cloud Storage

The most straightforward approach to add more capacity to a Chromebook is to utilize a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox or Google’s own Google Drive.

If you often transfer devices or exchange information with others, cloud storage is ideal. The disadvantage is that uploading huge files might take some time. You’ll also have to pay if you want more platform space than the free tier provides.

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SD Card

Because many Chromebooks include MicroSD cards, they are a handy alternative for extending local storage.

They’re also beneficial if you want to utilize Android applications on your Chromebook. You may download material to your smartphone if you utilize media applications like Netflix. Because films take up a lot of space on a device, this is a fantastic use for SD storage.

To allow Android to utilize your Chromebook’s SD card, open Settings and go to Device > Storage management > External storage options. Your SD card should be shown under Available Devices. Check that it is turned on.

You must now allow certain programs to utilize your SD card. Go to Apps > Manage Your Apps and choose your app from the list. Under permissions, enable Storage. You may need to instruct your program to utilize the SD card in its settings.

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USB Drive

The USB drive is another dependable backup option. You most certainly have one or more laying about your house or workplace. These are ideal for storing backups since they can be kept apart from your Chromebook. USB sticks function in the same manner as they do on other computers. To access the files, just insert them into a USB port and use the file manager. If necessary, you may also utilize USB hard disks and optical media.

Chromebooks Aren’t as Limited as You Think

While some argue that Chromebooks can only run online programs, you can increase your storage choices by using cloud storage, SD cards, and USB devices.

Although Chromebooks are simple to use, some users struggle to adjust to a new user experience. If you’re still gaining your bearings, learning how to make the most of your new Chromebook might be beneficial.

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