How to Update Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

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How to Update Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

How to Update Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

The Joy-Con controllers on the Nintendo Switch are excellent. Here’s how to get the most of their features by updating them.

Keeping your Nintendo Switch up to date is a fantastic method to minimize problems and ensure that the system is functioning as effectively as possible.

The same is true for your Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, albeit upgrading your controllers differs differently from updating the console.

We can assist you with updating your Joy-Cons to guarantee they are likewise up to date and efficient.

How Do I Update My Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons?

To update your Joy-Cons, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to System Settings at the bottom of your screen from the Nintendo Switch’s home menu.
  • Scroll down the left-hand side choices in System Settings until you locate Controllers and Sensors.
  • Enter the Controllers and Sensors settings, and you should see each unique Joy-Con option. Scroll down till you come to Update Controllers.
  • When you choose Update Controllers, your Nintendo Switch will begin upgrading each Joy-Con that is connected to the system.

It is crucial to remember that in order for your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to be updated, they must be docked with the Switch system.

Using the Nintendo Switch’s System Settings is also a good method to check that all of your Nintendo Switch console’s qualifying features are up to date.

System Settings is where you’ll find things like ensuring your Nintendo Switch system and games are completely updated, as well as Joy-Con updates.

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Always Ensure Your Nintendo Switch Is Up-to-Date

You can now verify that both your console and its controllers are up to date by updating your Joy-Cons.

In terms of troubleshooting, making sure your device is running the most recent software helps to reduce the amount of problems and difficulties you may encounter with your Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons.

If you are still encountering difficulties with a fully updated Nintendo Switch, you may wish to troubleshoot further with typical Nintendo Switch issues.

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