How to Unsend and Schedule Emails in the Mail App With iOS 16

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How to Unsend and Schedule Emails in the Mail App With iOS 16

You’ve undoubtedly heard that iOS 16 included the option to edit and unsend iMessages, a long-requested feature. Many people are unaware that iOS 16 has comparable functionality in the Mail app, such as the option to unsend and postpone emails.

Many iPhone and iPad users use email applications with this capability. However, now that they are available in the native Mail app, the Mail app is once again in contention for being one of the greatest email programs. Here’s how to schedule or unsend emails on iOS 16 via the Mail app.

How to Schedule Emails in iOS 16

If you’re drafting an email on your iPhone or iPad and want to save it for later, iOS 16 makes it simple. After you’ve finished writing your email, hold down the blue Send button in the Mail app.

When you do this, many scheduling possibilities will surface. You may also choose an other day or time by tapping Send Later.

When you touch the day and time, Mail will schedule the email at the time you choose. When you do this, the Mail app will display a Send Later folder. Here you may control all of your scheduled emails.

How to Unsend Emails in iOS 16

If you wish to cancel an email, you will have a limited time after you send it to do so. When you send an email, you will notice an Undo Send option at the bottom of the screen.

Simply touch here to unsubscribe from the email. You only have roughly 15 seconds to complete this task. This option seems to postpone your email from sending for that period of time, allowing you the opportunity to reverse it if you made a mistake.

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If you often use the Mail app, try removing all of your emails to free up space and tidy your inbox.

Can Someone See if You Unsend or Schedule an Email?

When you unsend an iMessage, the user is notified that the message was not sent. Some may ask whether the same is true for emails unsent in the Mail app. However, since this function operates on a delay, the recipient will not be aware that you have unsent this email.

This delay feature simply implies that it waits roughly 15 seconds before sending the email. Similarly, no one will notice if you plan an email since it will not send until the time is specified.

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