How to Uninstall Chrome on a Mac

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How to Uninstall Chrome on a Mac

You’ve given it some consideration, and you’ve concluded that Google Chrome for Mac isn’t the browser for you. You prefer other browsers, which is understandable given the abundance of excellent Mac browsers available.

So you want to remove Chrome from your Mac. But you don’t want to just stop seeing it. You want to ensure that it’s completely gone, data traces and everything.

We’re here to assist you with this. Continue reading to find out how to remove Google Chrome and wipe all of its data from your Mac in just a few simple steps.

Before You Uninstall the Google Chrome Application

It’s a good idea to remove your Google Chrome Profiles and clean up your browser history before uninstalling Google Chrome from your Mac. You should also remove Google Drive from your Mac to prevent data from being online and being downloaded again.

After you’ve completed those steps, you’re ready to delete the program.

When you remove the Google Chrome software from your Mac, a large amount of data is destroyed, but not all of it, as the following section demonstrates. Some data is also stored on Google’s servers or on other devices that are linked to your Google accounts and Google applications.

If you wish to completely remove Google Chrome and its data from your Mac, you need erase that server information.

To delete your internet history, launch Google Chrome and choose the three-dot menu icon. Then choose More Tools > Clear Browsing Data from the menu. Shift + Cmd + Delete is another keyboard shortcut.

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Regardless of how you got there, a popup will appear asking you to erase your browser data. Select All time from the Time range drop down and check every item in the Data Types list. You should also go to the Advanced page and tick all the items there.

Once you click the Clear data button, your data will be deleted from Chrome, your Mac, and even Google’s servers!

Uninstalling the Google Chrome Application From Your Mac

We may now remove the Chrome app from your Mac. To exit the program completely, press Cmd + Q twice or Control-click the Chrome app in your Dock and choose Quit from the menu that displays. You may also Force Quit the app.

Then, go to your Applications folder and launch Google Chrome. Drag it to the Trash icon on your Mac. If you drag Chrome from the Dock to the Trash, you will simply remove it from the Dock; to uninstall the program, go to the Applications folder.

To accomplish this, Control-click on the Chrome app and choose Move to Trash.

Now, open the Trash can and choose the Empty option. The Google Chrome software has now been removed from your Mac! Restart your Mac if you still see the app. It should go altogether.

How to Remove Google Chrome’s Data From Your Mac

Though deleting the Google Chrome software deletes most of its data, other components stay on your Mac, eating up storage space and possibly slowing it down. Chrome also depletes your battery life, therefore removing its data from your Mac is critical.

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Open a Finder window and choose the Go dropdown option to delete the data Chrome leaves on your Mac after uninstalling it. Then click Go to Folder, which will launch a new window. You may also open this window by pressing Shift + Cmd + G.

Enter /Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome in the Go to Folder box. Remember to include the tilde and forward slash at the beginning of this paragraph! Once the text has been entered, click the Go button.

You’ll be directed to the folder on your Mac where Google Chrome’s data is kept. Cmd + A selects everything in this folder. Then, either drag everything to the Trash icon or Control-click on the marked files and choose Move to Trash.

Open the Trash and click the Empty button, just as you did when deleting the Chrome app. Google Chrome’s data has now been totally removed from your Mac!

Also, as with the program, if you still see data in the Chrome folder, restart your Mac and double-check. It should be completely gone after the restart.

Uninstalling Chrome on Mac Is Easy When You Know How

Uninstalling the Google Chrome program from your Mac is a simple procedure. However, data is lost if all of the preceding steps are not followed.

You only need to know where to go to delete that data from your Mac and Google’s servers in order to prevent it from impacting your Mac in the future. We hope we were able to assist you in doing so above.

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