How to Turn On Personal Results in the Google Home App

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How to Turn On Personal Results in the Google Home App

Many Google Assistant devices provide a fantastic feature: personalized results. For a shared device, the feature will display or read results that are especially customized to you, such as results from your Gmail account.

You may simplify the process by enabling personal preferences on your Android or iOS device.

Here’s how you use the Google Home app to receive personalized results presented on your phone or home devices.

Considerations Before Turning On Personal Results

Personal results may be accessible to anybody with a Google device that is compatible, but only certain countries and languages will be supported.

To enable personal results while using a Pixel Stand, you may need to keep your phone open. Your findings may vary depending on whatever app you use.

Even if you enable customized results, it will not impact specialized Assistant functionality on applications like Spotify or Pandora.

How to Turn On Personal Results for Android

Follow the steps below to enable your personal results on your Android phone.

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  1. “Hey Google, open Assistant settings,” you say.
  2. Personalization may be found under All settings.
  3. Turn Personal results on

Some Android smartphones will even show your customized findings on the lock screen.

Manage Personal Results From Google Home App

The Google Home app can control personal outcomes from any Google device, such as speakers, smart displays, and smart clocks.

If you want individualized results on your home gadgets, you must first set them up in your app for the whole house. Then you may work on showing your findings separately.

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How to Remove a Device from the Google Home App If you have Voice Match enabled when you launch the Google Home app, the two will be linked. That is, if you disable your voice match in the future, your Google personal results will be disabled. You may always disable the Voice Match and reactivate your customized results.

Here’s how to enable your personalized results in the Google Home app for Android.

  1. Open your Google Home app
  2. Tap the home icon
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Personal results from Google Assistant.
  5. Turn on personal results in this house.

You may also select to enable individualized results for any additional devices that are added to your house.

Turn On Personal Results from iOS

Google Assistant cannot be used directly on an iOS device, as it can on an Android smartphone. However, you may control personal results by downloading the Google Home app from the App Store.

  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. Tap the home icon
  3. Choose the device
  4. Go to Settings > Notifications and Digital Wellbeing > Digital Wellbeing.
  5. Toggle Allow for individual outcomes on

Turning On Personal Results

Your Google Assistant personal results may be seen on any compatible device, but you must enable them from your Android or iOS device. You may activate your unique results features by using the Google Home app.

Then, you can manage the individual devices appropriately.

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