How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

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How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

Android’s safe mode helps you to troubleshoot a variety of problems on your smartphone. After you’ve resolved the difficulties, exit the mode and reboot into regular mode.

However, sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Your phone may sometimes stay in safe mode and refuse to boot into regular mode. If this occurs for you, there are a couple remedies you may attempt to deactivate safe mode.

What Is Safe Mode on Android?

As simply mentioned above, safe mode is a mode into which you may reboot your Android smartphone to diagnose and repair specific issues. When you boot your phone into this mode, it only loads the files that are necessary for the system to start up.

This way, if you have a bad file or software on your phone, you may ignore it and still use it. Once in safe mode, you may uninstall the malicious program or delete the file from your smartphone.

Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

To enter safe mode, hold down the power button and then press and hold the Restart option when it displays. After you’ve completed your tasks in safe mode, exit the mode and restart your computer in regular mode.

To restart your phone normally, follow the steps outlined below. If your smartphone becomes stuck in safe mode, go through each one in turn.

Tip 1: Restart Your Android Device

When your phone becomes locked in safe mode, the first thing you should do is attempt to reset it. This should return your phone to regular operation.

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To do this:

  1. For a few seconds, press and hold the Power button.
  2. Tap Restart from the menu on your device.
  3. Allow your device to restart.

Tip 2: Disable Safe Mode From Notifications

In the notifications panel of certain Android devices, there is a safe mode option. If your phone has that option, you may utilize it to disengage safe mode.

You can do that as follows:

  1. Pull down from the top notifications panel.
  2. Select the option labeled “Safe mode.” The precise option name varies, but you’ll know which one to choose.
  3. Your phone should now restart in regular mode.

Tip 3: Reset Your Android Device to Remove Safe Mode

If everything else fails, you may reset your device to factory settings to disable safe mode. This will erase all data on your phone, including files and settings, so make sure you have a backup.

This strategy should only be used when you have no other choices.

To reset your phone and exit safe mode:

  1. Open the Settings app and choose System.
  2. On the subsequent page, choose Reset options.
  3. Choose Erase all data (factory reset).

Once your device has been reset, you must reinstall its software. Safe mode will then be removed, and you will be returned to regular mode.

How to Prevent Your Phone From Going Into Safe Mode

There are many reasons why your phone reboots into safe mode. When you switch on your phone, it’s possible that a button that allows you to enter safe mode is pushed. When this occurs, your phone enters safe mode instead of regular mode.

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Another possibility is that you accidentally selected safe mode while doing something else. This is frequently the case when you attempt to reset your phone, since many phones include a safe mode option.

Various Ways to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

Safe mode is fantastic, however it is only functional for a short amount of time. When you’re satisfied using it, exit it and reboot into regular mode.

If your phone refuses to exit safe mode, the solutions provided above should assist you in possibly resolving the issue on your Android smartphone.

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