How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Android, Chromebook, and Smart Devices

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How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Android, Chromebook, and Smart Devices

Virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant are intended to make our lives simpler. Still, it might be difficult to escape the impression that they are always listening to us.

While having a virtual assistant to help you organize your day is convenient, it’s also comforting to know that you can turn off Google Assistant at any moment. Here’s how to disable Google Assistant on Android, Chromebook, and Google Smart devices.

How to Disable Google Assistant on Android

On your Android phone, there are two methods to turn off and deactivate Google Assistant. The first eliminates Google Assistant as your default digital assistant app, while the second disables Google Assistant entirely from your Google account.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant as Your Default Assistant App

  1. Navigate to the Apps area of your phone’s settings.
  2. Select Choose default apps.
  3. Choose the Digital Assistant app.
  4. Choose None.

If you have additional digital assistants installed on your phone, such as Alexa or Bixby, you may make them the default app as well. Simply follow the instructions above and choose the app at the end.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant Completely

  1. Launch the Google app on your smartphone.
  2. In the bottom right-hand corner, choose More ellipses.
  3. Select Google Assistant from the Settings menu.
  4. Scroll down to the General settings section.
  5. Turn the Google Assistant switch off.

You may now be certain that Google is no longer listening to you from your pocket by deactivating your phone’s internal assistant as well as Google Assistant on your Google Account.

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How to Shut Off Google Assistant on Chromebook

While you can’t completely remove Google Assistant from your Chromebook, you can disable it with a few touches.

  1. To access the menu, go to the bottom of the screen and pick your clock.
  2. Select the gear icon to access your settings.
  3. Go to your settings and pick Search and Assistant from the left-hand menu.
  4. You can check if Google Assistant is switched on or off on your device from here.
  5. Simply set the toggle off to deactivate Google Assistant on your Chromebook.

How to Turn Google Assistant Off on Your Google Smart Device

It may be really aggravating to have your smart gadget assume you’re talking to them when you’re not. While ‘Ok Google, stop’ will break any command, it might be useful to deactivate Google Assistant entirely if it is being engaged inadvertently.

All Google smart gadgets, including Google Home and Google Nest, have a mute button or switch. While you cannot entirely uninstall Google Assistant from a Google smart device, you may disable its listening capabilities by pressing the mute button.

While the position of the mute button varies, it is usually simple to discover and is situated on the bottom or rear of the device.

If you don’t want to totally deactivate Google Assistant but want it to cease listening to requests at particular times of day, you may utilize Google’s Downtime function. During downtime, your device will no longer listen for or receive orders, but it will remain operational and operate your linked smart home devices.

  1. Open your Google Home app.
  2. Select Residence, and then the desired home.
  3. Navigate to Settings and then to Digital Wellbeing.
  4. Select Skip if you don’t want to put up any filters.
  5. You will then be able to pick which devices you wish to make a Downtime schedule for.
  6. Then, choose the days when you want Downtime to be active.
  7. Finally, click Next and then enter the start and finish times for Downtime.
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Building the Perfect Smart Home

Smart home technology is both intimidating and highly handy. Before you start uninstalling Google Assistant on all of your gadgets, it’s important understanding what it is and how it listens to you and utilizes your data.

It is totally feasible to design your own smart home without losing your personal privacy with proper management and an awareness of data sharing.

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