How to Turn Off Amazon Order Notifications From Alexa

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How to Turn Off Amazon Order Notifications From Alexa

Nothing could be more frustrating than your favorite voice assistant inadvertently wrecking your surprise birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one.

You may quickly deactivate order notifications to halt Amazon Alexa in its tracks. We’ll teach you how to disable Alexa order notifications in the Alexa app and on

Turn Off Order Notifications in the Alexa App

Order alerts appear on your Echo as a yellow light ring. “Alexa, what’s my notification?” will bring up the notification. Have you ever seen varied colored light circles and been perplexed by their meaning? Check out our post on what your Echo’s light ring colors represent.

The simplest method to disable Alexa order notifications is via the Alexa app (available for iOS and Android).To begin, launch the Alexa app and choose More, then Settings. Select Notifications, followed by Amazon Shopping. You may change your notification settings here as you see appropriate.

If you don’t mind Alexa sending you reminders but don’t want other members of your household to know what you’ve purchased or returned, switch off For items in delivery updates and For items in return updates under Say or display item names. You may also disable titles for things tagged as presents here, which may be useful during the Christmas season.

To completely disable alerts, go to Delivery Notifications and uncheck Out for Delivery and Delivered. You should also disable Returns and Order Updates directly below this area.

You can also turn off Deal suggestions and Reorder recommendations below if you don’t want Alexa to propose goods for you to buy. Finally, use the back arrow to save your settings.

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If you want to learn how to use Alexa for shopping, see our post on how to set up and utilize Alexa Voice Shopping.

Turn Off Order Notifications on the Amazon Website

If you don’t have access to the Alexa app, you may disable Alexa order notifications by using the Alexa web app and following the steps above. If you want, you may also utilize the Amazon website.

Log in with your Amazon account first, then pick Your Account from the Account & Lists menu in the upper right corner. Select Alexa shopping notifications from the Email alerts, messages, advertising, and cookies menu. You’ll see the same choices as before.

Turn off the toggles next to For items in delivery updates, For items in return updates, and Items in your basket markets as presents under Say or display item names.

Then, uncheck the boxes next to Delivery Notifications, Returns, and Order Updates. You may also disable Deal and Reorder suggestions if you choose.

When you’re finished, scroll up and click Your Account or the Amazon logo in the upper left to store your selections.

Stay in Control of Your Alexa Notifications

The Amazon Echo is a fantastic gadget that can help with daily tasks such as shopping. Alexa’s alerts, although attempting to make your life simpler, sometimes have unforeseen repercussions.

Turn off these alerts the next time you purchase anything from Amazon.

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