How to Sync Google Drive and OneDrive Files to Your Computer

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How to Sync Google Drive and OneDrive Files to Your Computer

Your cloud storage account is now operational! Files may now be simply shared with friends and coworkers. But what if you can’t access your files because you don’t have an internet connection?

Here’s how you can get local access to your online files.

Google Drive

This is one of the most well-known cloud services. You get at least 15 GB of cloud storage with a free Gmail account. You may also pay for extra storage space, up to 2 TB. So, if you want to access your Google Drive when you’re not connected to the internet, do the following:

1. Download and Install the Google Drive App

The Google Drive program is accessible for both Mac and Windows via the Google Drive website.

Open the downloaded file and install it. You may add shortcuts to your Google Drive and Google Office suite on your desktop by ticking the appropriate boxes.

2. Open the Google Drive Window

In the notification box, look for the Google Drive symbol. To open the status window, click on it.

3. Go to Google Drive Preferences

Click the Settings button in the top right corner of the Google Drive Status Window. Then choose your selection. Google Drive Preferences will open in a separate window.

4. Select Google Drive

Select the Google Drive option in the left-hand column of the Google Drive Preferences box.

In the main window, you should see syncing choices for Google Drive and My Drive. Select Mirror files from the My Drive syncing choices.

5. Confirm My Drive Folder Location

When you choose Mirror files, a Confirm My Drive folder location window will appear.

If you want to move the folder, choose Change folder location. When you’re happy with the folder location, click Confirm location.

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6. Restart Your PC

After selecting Confirm, you will be returned to the Google Drive Preferences box. Save the file. A new prompt will appear, requesting that you restart your computer. Select Restart now.

After restarting your computer, all of your Google Drive files will be accessible on your computer, even if you are not connected to the internet.

When you launch This PC in the File Explorer program, you may now see your Google Disk as another drive.

Download: Google Drive (Free, subscription available)

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Microsoft’s offering is OneDrive. When you join up, you will get 5GB of free storage space. If you sign up for a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you will get a 1 TB cloud drive as part of the package. You might also buy extra storage up to 2TB.

1. Download and Install the OneDrive App

The OneDrive app may be downloaded from the Microsoft website. If you have a Mac, you can also get it via the App Store. However, if you have a Windows 10 PC, it is most likely already installed.

2. Set Up OneDrive for the First time

If the OneDrive window does not appear after installation, or if it is already installed, launch it by searching for OneDrive in your Start Menu. If it’s already operating, it should be visible in your notification area. The OneDrive Status box appears when you click on the logo.

When it appears, choose Sign In to open the Set-Up OneDrive box.

3. Sign In or Create an Account

In the Email address bar, enter your email address. If you don’t already have an account, click Create account. However, if you already have one, choose Sign in instead. Remember to enter your password in the next window!

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4. Your OneDrive Folder

You’ll be able to change the location of your OneDrive folder in the following dialog. Do it immediately if you want a personalized location! This cannot be changed later without logging out and back in to your account.

If you wish to alter it, click Change location. A new window will appear, enabling you to choose where you want your OneDrive files to sync to your computer. Once you’ve decided, click Select Folder. The file explorer will then shut and you will be returned to the previous window. Next should be selected.

5. Quick Instruction Guide

You’ll find a brief instruction to using your OneDrive account in the three windows that follow. Read them all; they’re quite valuable for new users. Above all, read and remember the All your files, read and on-demand window.

The three status symbols in this window indicate which files are Online-only, On this device, and Always accessible. After you’ve been acquainted with these icons, click Next.

6. (Optional) Download the Mobile App

Click the Get the mobile app option to install the OneDrive app on your mobile devices. A new browser window will appear with instructions for installing the OneDrive app on Android and iOS devices.

7. Finishing Set Up

Whether you choose the Get the mobile app or later option, the next window will indicate that your setup is complete. Then, choose Open my OneDrive folder to see your cloud files on your computer.

8. Your OneDrive Folder in File Explorer

A new File Explorer window will appear, displaying your computer’s OneDrive folder.

9. Keeping Files and Folders Always Available on Your Computer

All you have to do to keep a file or folder accessible on your computer is right-click it. The context menu will then appear. Select Always keep on this device from the options. When you click it, the file’s status symbol should shift from a blue cloud outline to a solid green circle with a checkmark, rather than a blue cloud outline or a green check outline.

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All files and folders with that status mark will be visible on your computer, even if you’re not online. If you make changes while offline, as soon as OneDrive detects you’re connected to the internet, it will sync any changes made in the drive.

To have all of your OneDrive files accessible on your computer, locate your primary OneDrive folder, right-click it, and choose Always keep on this device. This guarantees that all of your OneDrive files are downloaded to your PC.

Download: OneDrive for Windows | Mac (Free, subscription available) (Free, subscription available)

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Easy PC Backups

A Google Drive or OneDrive program installed on your computer is a simple method to keep your data and documents safe and backed up. And if you keep the files on it constantly accessible on your computer, you’re guaranteed you’ll locate all your vital files even if you’re not online.

And if ever you run out of storage space, you may always make abandoned or infrequently used data visible online exclusively. This method, you acquire additional storage space without permanently removing documents.

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