How to Stream Torrent Files Without Downloading on Android

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How to Stream Torrent Files Without Downloading on Android

It is not difficult to locate and download legal torrents on your Android smartphone or tablet. However, because to the high size of the films, you may have to wait for hours before you can see the material.

On a desktop, you may use WebTorrent and other programs to watch torrents without downloading them. Your choices on Android are restricted, but it is feasible. Here are three methods for streaming torrent files without downloading them on Android.

1. Stream a Torrent on Android With WebTor

WebTor is a torrent streaming service that is accessible through a web app. You may immediately begin streaming after pasting the magnet URL for a torrent. Subtitles, on-the-fly transcoding, and direct downloading are also supported.

  1. To watch a torrent, launch WebTor and enter the torrent’s magnet link or hash in the URL box. WebTor will load the video and open it in a new tab.
  2. You may view the movie in full-screen mode, turn on or off subtitles, and even copy the stream URL.
  3. In addition, press the Download button to save the video to your phone’s storage.

The only problem with the app seems to be the intrusive pop-up and in-page advertising. WebTor, on the other hand, is a fantastic solution for streaming torrents on Android.

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2. Stream a Torrent With uTorrent for Android

The Android uTorrent client has a preview file capability. This function allows you to play torrents as they begin to download. While the torrent downloads in the background, you may keep playing the video without having to wait for it to complete.

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Download: uTorrent (Free, in-app purchases available)

To stream torrent files using uTorrent:

  1. Launch the uTorrent app on your Android device. Tap the Add (+) button and copy the magnet URL for the torrent you want to watch.
  2. When you tap Add, the program will begin downloading the torrent. For a buffer-free experience, wait until at least 5% of the download is complete.
  3. Then, touch on the torrent to see all of the files included inside its zip bundle.
  4. Select Play In This App from the three-dot menu for the primary file.
  5. uTorrent will buffer briefly before beginning to play the video.

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3. Stream a Torrent Using Telegram Bot and VLC Player

If you don’t want to use a web app, you may watch torrents on your Android smartphone using the Telegram app and VLC Player. If you don’t already have the applications, you may get started by downloading them from the Play Store.

Telegram (for free) | VLC Player (Free, in-app purchases available)

Now here’s how to stream torrents on your phone.

  1. Make a note of the magnet URL for the torrent you wish to download.
  2. Search @uploadbot in the Telegram client.
  3. Tap Start after selecting URL Uploader from the search results.
  4. Then, paste the copied magnet link and press the Send button. URL Uploader will search the hash for accessible torrents and display them on your screen.
  5. Look for files having multimedia extensions, such as MP4, MKV, and so on.
  6. Tap and hold on one, then choose Copy link.
  7. Launch VLC Player and choose New Stream.
  8. Copy the URL and press the Stream button. After a brief loading period, your video will begin streaming in VLC Player.
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While this is a convenient approach, it is only applicable if you discover the torrent URL with a multimedia extension. For example, if the Telegram bot delivers a zip file link for the specified magnet URL, VLC Player will not operate.

Streaming Torrent on Android Without Downloading Them

WebTor is a fantastic all-platform torrent client. It’s available online, enables real-time transcoding, and you can even download torrents directly if you wish.

If you like to download torrents in the background while watching TV, the uTorrent app for Android is an excellent option. While the Telegram and VLC Player torrent streaming hack is convenient, it is time-consuming and unstable.

If you want to stream torrents on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, there are many desktop and web-based torrent streaming tools available.

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