How to Stop Spam Emails in Gmail

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How to Stop Spam Emails in Gmail

Email spam would seem to be a solved issue by now, yet it remains. Every day, billions of spam messages are transmitted, and there’s a strong possibility that some of them end up in your Gmail inbox.

You don’t have to put up with such crap, thankfully. Let’s have a look at several methods for blocking spam email on Gmail and permanently eliminating spam.

1. Use the Block and Report Spam Features

Gmail has a few options that enable you to report spam and ban troublesome senders. They’re the simplest approach to stop spam from coming from a single address.

To report a communication as spam, open it normally first. Find the Report spam option by clicking the three-dot Menu in the top-right corner of the message. This will notify Google and send it to your spam folder.

A Block “Name” option is available on the same menu. You may use this to stop that individual from sending you any additional messages. In Gmail, you may also block and unblock contacts as needed.

2. File Emails Into Folders via Filters

You are not required to accept every incoming communication. Filters in Gmail allow you to intelligently arrange messages into folders where you may deal with them as required. Of course, for our purposes, they are an excellent technique to prevent spam emails.

To begin creating a filter, tick the box to the left of a message in your inbox. Then, under the search box, click the three-dot Menu icon and choose Filter messages like these.

To begin, fill out the areas to create your filter. You may include all messages from a given sender or be more precise by mentioning the topic, size, or attachment status. When you’re finished, click Create filter to proceed.

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Setting Filter Actions

Then you must determine what to do with messages that meet the previous criteria. You have a few choices here. Check Delete it if you’re certain that all messages in this filter are garbage.

Try utilizing the Skip the Inbox (Archive It) option to avoid spam from arriving in your main list of messages for a safer technique that still helps combat spam in Gmail. When used in conjunction with Apply the label and a label you define, such as Potential Spam, you may evaluate potential rubbish communications at your leisure without their overwhelming your inbox.

Check the box next to Also apply filter to matching discussions if you want your filter to run on current messages as well. When you’re finished, click Create filter and you’re done.

This simple action will go a long way toward assisting you in getting rid of spam emails in Gmail. More information about email filters may be found in our guide.

3. Sign Up to Sites Using Gmail Aliases

One of the most powerful tools for combating Gmail spam is directly under your nose. By inserting periods or plus signs into your email address, you may create a limitless number of alias addresses.

Assume your email address is If you wanted to join up for a website called Free Stuff Inc. but were concerned about spam, you could use as your email address. All communications from that sender will continue to appear in your inbox, but you may sift out spam from that source using the filters outlined above.

To do so, follow the instructions in the preceding section. Instead of filtering by the From field, filter by the To field. Enter your alias address here (for example,, and any messages received to that alias will be sent to spam or another folder. You don’t even need to know the sender’s address.

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You can see how much mail each site receives if you use a different pseudonym for each one. This assists you in determining which sites are the most prone to spamming. If you want to go further, you should know that Gmail aliases may also be used for other purposes.

4. Unsubscribe to Keep Subscriptions Under Control

In many circumstances, a full inbox is caused by too many newsletters and other automatic notifications that you signed up for, rather than too much spam. It’s simple to join up for email lists to get special shopping discounts, news about your favorite bands, and so on, but how frequently do you really read them?

Take a peek through your email subscriptions. If you haven’t opened (let alone acted on) a message from a sender in months, you should unsubscribe to reduce noise. In the future, be wary of pre-checked boxes that sign you up for emails you don’t want.

Most genuine email newsletters offer an easy-to-use Unsubscribe link at the bottom. If you don’t see one, check for an Unsubscribe from this sender link by clicking the dropdown arrow under the sender’s name.

5. Try Email Management Apps

If you have hundreds of subscribers, you might consider using a service designed to assist you manage them., for example, allows you to simply unsubscribe in bulk while also “rolling up” subscriptions into one daily email instead of trickling in throughout the day.

You can schedule when the rollup will come, making it even more handy. Be warned, however, that some services will scan your emails and utilize the information for marketing reasons. Choose these applications to handle your newsletters for more private options. Gmail Unsubscribe is a free and open source alternative.

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6. Protect Your Email Address

One of the most essential methods to eliminate spam emails on Gmail is to prevent them from ever reaching you. Consider carefully before submitting your email address on a website you don’t really trust. Consider creating a different account for general websites and utilizing your Gmail account just for personal correspondence.

If you want to take it a step further, you may use throwaway email services. These allow you to access a temporary mailbox for confirmation codes or other urgent communications. This keeps your real email address confidential while yet allowing you to proceed with login prompts or similar.

Too Much Spam in Gmail? Not Anymore

You no longer need to be concerned about how to block spam emails in Gmail. These helpful hints can help you get less spam, ban the worst offenders, and filter possible garbage that does get through. If you have a severe spam issue, you may want to start anew with a new address. However, this is only essential in the most extreme circumstances.

Unfortunately, spam isn’t the only issue that might arise in your email. Make sure you don’t fall for email-based Bitcoin adult website frauds.

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