How to Start Your Next Adventure With DnD Beyond

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How to Start Your Next Adventure With DnD Beyond

If you’ve ever played Dungeons & Dragons, you’re aware of how difficult it can be. Don’t even get us started on keeping track of campaign notes, character sheets, monster and item data, and relevant lore and world-building notes. And if you’ve never played before, all of this might be rather daunting!

D&D Beyond may assist you whether you’re beginning your first adventure or wanting to simplify your Dungeon Master tactics. And we’re here to help you figure out how.

What Is D&D Beyond?

The official home of digital Dungeons & Dragons material is D&D Beyond. If you become really into it, you can acquire items like collectable digital dice and memberships for extra features.

This page will remain on the desktop, but for reference material, you may also access and control features through a Player Tools App and a Reader App.

Download: D&D Beyond Player App for Apple | Android(free)

D&D Beyond Reader App for Apple | Android Download (free with in-app-purchases)

Even without a membership, the site’s marketplace allows you to purchase resources and collectibles as needed. But don’t worry, all of the tools discussed in this post are free.

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How to Create aD&D Beyond Account

Making a profile is the first step in using D&D Beyond. You can access certain game materials without logging in, but you won’t be able to use any of the features described afterwards.

Select Register from the D&D Beyond site in the upper right corner of the window. This sends you to another page where you may sign up for an account using your Google or Apple credentials. You may give your profile whatever name you choose, and bear in mind that you can manage several D&D characters with a single profile.

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How to Create a Campaign and Form a Party

Once you’ve created a profile, go to the toolbar at the top of the page and click Collections, then MY CAMPAIGNS. Click the CREATE A CAMPAIGN button at the top right corner of the window from this page. Fill in the campaign title and description, then click the CREATE CAMPAIGN button in the bottom left.

Select your campaign from your Campaigns Manager now that it has begun. You should see an invite link on the right side of the page, which you can email or text to your friends to invite them to your party. They will appear as active characters after they have joined. Click on their names and follow them to make it easier to locate them the next time.

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Scroll down to discover the options for adding private notes that only party members may view and public remarks that everyone can read. This is an excellent method to keep track of DM information that characters would not have access to, as well as general tale notes that the players should keep track of.

How to Build Playable Characters and NPCs

You may make your own characters by returning to the top toolbar’s Collections management and picking theMY CHARACTERStile, followed by theCREATE A CHARACTER button. Alternatively, in the toolbar at the top of the window, pick the CHARACTER BUILDER tile from the Tools drop-down.

As a DM, you may also create NPC characters by clicking the CREATE UNASSIGNED CHARACTER button on the same page where you enter comments.

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There are three techniques for creating characters: Standard, Quick Build, and Randomize.

Standard is excellent for experienced D&D players, since it allows you the greatest control over your character. Quick Build maintains a high level of flexibility while taking several shortcuts. Randomize produces a character at random. This may be a fun method to create NPCs, get characters for one-shot sessions, or experiment with alternative builds.

No matter whatever option you choose, the procedure is rather simple, thus this post will not guide you through it.

D&D Beyond provides you with six character slots. That’s fantastic for having multiple characters for different campaigns and groups, or for managing NPCs in ongoing games.

How to Use the Character Sheet to Track Your Game

Now that your campaign is up and going and your whole party has joined in, you can watch your progress in real time using the features and tools we described. If you’re the DM, you’ll probably manage the session mostly using the public and private notes we’ve previously mentioned.

Other game monitoring comes mostly via character sheet changes, exactly as when playing on a nice, old-fashioned tabletop. You may even execute a digitally generated dice roll while your character sheet is open by clicking the D20 symbol in the lower-left.

Both short and lengthy rests may be found in the top right corner of your character sheet. You may also use them by clicking on the character symbol in the top left corner of your character sheet. You can also choose MANAGE EXPERIENCE from this menu to apply XP as you battle enemies and accomplish assignments.

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Hit points are applied via a basic counter located under the long and short rest buttons. To add or remove conditions, click the CONDITIONS box below the hit points counter to bring up a menu containing all of the typical in-game conditions, replete with toggle switches.

As your character gathers treasure, spends money, and loses or breaks weapons and armor, selectEquipment in the box below the conditions field, and then click the currency icon or theMANAGE EQUIPMENT button to examine your whole inventory and transfer stuff.

Users may record their own notes on their characters and their engagement in the campaign in the NOTES area in the same box.

Happy Adventuring

D&D Beyond has a number of wonderful features, especially if you’re new to D&D, play remotely, or require DM tools to keep up with your rowdy group.

This essay just touched on the fundamentals, but we invite you to go further on your next expedition.

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