How to Share Google One Storage With Your Family

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How to Share Google One Storage With Your Family

How to Share Google One Storage With Your Family

Storage is a major issue for internet users. Google One provides more storage, and here’s how to share it.

Google One is a premium cloud storage service that allows you to expand the storage capacity of your Google account. If you’re paying for Google One and have enough of storage, it makes sense to share it with family members.

We’ll teach you how to share your Google One account with family members in this post.

How to Share Google One With Family

A Google One membership and a family group are required to share Google One storage with relatives. Skip to the following section if you have a family group.

Screenshot of Google families setup page
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If you don’t,you’ll need to create a Family Group.

  1. Go to Google’s Family page.
  2. Access your Google account. With a Google One membership, make sure you’re using the proper account if you have several accounts.
  3. Create a family group after clicking Get Started.
  4. Select the contacts mentioned under Suggestions to invite family members to join your Family group. You may also manually invite people who are not listed in this area by entering their email address. Google family invites are restricted to five, and they expire after two weeks.
  5. Next, click Send.

Google will send an email inviting the invited people to join your family group. Google will notify you if they accept the invitation. If you have trouble establishing a family group, make sure you’re using a personal Google account.

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Invitees must live in the same nation as you and have not been in another family group in the last year.

To share Google One storage with your family members:

  1. Headto
  2. Go to Settings and then Manage Family Settings.
  3. Toggle the slider next to the Share Google One with family option.

When you choose that option, family members will have access to your additional Google One storage after they have used up their complimentary 15GB. Despite having access to the same storage, family members cannot view one other’s data (including the group manager).

Share Google Storage WithFamily Members

Google One is the sole method to add additional storage to your Google account, although the extra capacity is sometimes much more than you need. Sharing storage space with family members is a terrific way to maximize your storage space and ensure you get your money’s worth.

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