How to Share Google Drive Files With Non-Gmail Accounts

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How to Share Google Drive Files With Non-Gmail Accounts

Because of its free 15 GB storage capacity, effective collaboration capabilities, and built-in interfaces with other Google services or products, Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services.

However, not everyone or every company uses Google. So, how do you send them files and folders? We’ll guide you through the procedures of sharing a Google Drive file or folder with a non-Gmail account in this post.

1. Share the File or Folder Through Link

Non-Gmail users may utilize a URL supplied to them to access Google Drive files and folders. Right-click the file or folder and choose Share > Get link from the menu that appears. Then, under Restricted, choose Anyone with the link.

Make sure you utilize the appropriate permission settings before sending the email. There are three alternatives available to you:

We will not go into greater depth since the names are self-explanatory. If you want additional control over the shared material, go to the Sharing window’s top-right corner and choose Settings. More limits for editors, commentators, and viewers may be established here.

The last step is to copy the URL and distribute it to your coworkers or colleagues.

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2. Share the File or Folder Through Email

There is also the option of emailing files or folders. Select Share from the context menu after right-clicking the file or folder. Then, under the Add individuals and groups section, enter the emails. Check the Notify people box if you wish to include a message in the email.

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When you’re ready to send the email, press the Send button. Google Drive will alert you that you are sharing files with a non-Gmail account, and all you have to do is click Share anyhow.

Without needing to sign in to a Google account, email recipients will be alerted that they have been authorized access.

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Share With Link or Email

The techniques described above are quite similar in that they both provide you the same amount of control over the shared material, so it all depends on how many people you want to share the file or folder with.

If you just want to share it with a few individuals, you may use email. Pasting a link into a group chat may be quicker for files or folders shared with a large number of users.

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