How to Set Up Your Xbox Series S

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How to Set Up Your Xbox Series S

Have you recently purchased an Xbox Series S? We’ll teach you how to correctly set it up so you can start playing your new console right away.

Learn how to get started with your Xbox Series S, including what’s in the box, how to connect everything, and an overview of the setup procedure, in the sections below. Because the processes are similar, most of these instructions also apply to the Xbox Series X, however this is designed with Series S users in mind.

Unboxing and Connecting Your Xbox Series S

When you open the package, you’ll discover the following items:

  • Xbox Series S console
  • Two AA batteries are required for the Xbox controller.
  • Power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • Setup instructions and regulatory information

Unwrap everything and connect the HDMI and power wires to the system’s back. Plug an Ethernet cable into the rear of your console if you wish to utilize a wired network connection.

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Connect the connections to your TV and electricity, then switch on the system by pressing the Xbox button on the front. You’ll shortly see a popup encouraging you to start the Xbox setup process.

Xbox Series S Initial Setup

The Xbox app for Android or iPhone is the ideal method to set up your new Xbox. If you haven’t already, download the app.

To begin the procedure, hit Set up console on the opening screen. If you’re already logged in to the Xbox app, hit the Setup button in the top-right corner of the Home tab (it looks like a miniature console) and choose Get Started > Set up a new console to start the process.

Enter the 10-digit code provided on your TV into the app and choose Connect to Console. Your phone will request that you join a Wi-Fi network for your Xbox, which you must accept. Other prompts may appear here as well, depending on your phone. Approve all of them for the greatest outcomes.

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Once the connection is established, press the Next button on your phone. Confirm your preferred language and location.

Get Your Xbox Series S Online and Choose Power Options

Next, presuming you’re connecting to your Xbox by wifi, choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter its password.

When your console comes up, you should notice a request to update your system. Once you’ve started this, you may proceed with your phone’s setup.

The next step is to choose a power mode. When you turn off your console after you’ve finished using it, it takes longer for the system to load up. You may continue playing games where you left off, but your console will not automatically install updates while it is turned off.

Instant on, on the other hand, causes your console to boot up very immediately at the expense of greater energy consumption. While “turned off,” your console will automatically update games.

After selecting Instant On (as we did), choose Keep my games and applications up to date on the following screen for optimum results. This reduces the length of time you’ll have to wait for updates when you sit down to play.

On the next page, you may enable remote functionality. Enabling this enables you to install new games using the mobile app and stream Xbox games to your phone.

Choose Security Options and Other Settings

Moving on, if you already have an Xbox profile, you must choose a security profile. Choose from the various choices below based on your requirements, as well as whether or not to allow rapid sign-in. This is useful if you are the only user of your Xbox.

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Following that, you’ll be able to add family members to your new system. If this does not apply to you, choose Skip. If you choose, you can see additional information about the data collected by Xbox in the next panel.

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The app will then ask whether you want to submit optional data on how you use your console and will go through data sharing in further detail.

After the legal issues are resolved, you will be able to name your Xbox. If you need assistance coming up with an appropriate name for your gadget, go to our device naming guidelines. You may choose whether or not to accept offers from Xbox and its partners on the next page.

Choose whatever applications you wish to install on your console in the next section. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and many more options are available. Choose Install for each one, then Next when finished.

You may select to replicate your settings from an existing Xbox console that is linked to your account. If not, choose Start Fresh to select new choices.

The following page asks whether your console will be used by children; respond as appropriate.

Connect Your Xbox Controller and Complete Setup

When you’re finished, the Xbox app will return you to the Home tab. After a few time, your TV will display a request to connect your controller.

If you haven’t already, insert the AA batteries into the controller, then click the Xbox button to turn it on. When it connects, press the A button to start.

If you need to manually connect your Xbox controller, hit the Pair button located on the front of your console, to the right of the front USB port. Then, on top of your controller, to the right of the LB button, push the Pair button.

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You’ll likely next see a prompt to update your controller. Start the process, keeping your controller turned on and as still as possible while it runs.

Afterward, you’ll see a prompt to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is an excellent value and one of the prime draws of owning an Xbox, but you can decide whether you want to try it anytime later on.

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Moving on, depending on your TV, your Xbox may prompt you to set up “advanced video features,” such as 4K output. You can go to Settings > General > TV & display options later on to change these options.

Finally, you’re done! You’ll be greeted with the home screen of your Xbox Series S. Feel free to browse the Store, go to My games & apps to install games already linked to your Xbox account, check out Game Pass, and more.

Enjoy Your Xbox Series S

Now it’s time to enjoy your Xbox Series S! Thankfully, the initial setup is mostly painless, and completing most of the steps with the app is a lot smoother than using your controller to enter passwords and the like. Enjoy the next generation of gaming.

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